by Network Ireland

Dear friends,

We hope you are looking forward to the next issue of Network Magazine which will be hitting the shops at the start of April. We have articles on sleep, mindfulness, imagination as well as Holistic health and astrology. We also have some good news for you!

by Denise O'Connor

In the next issue of Network ireland Holistic Magazine we will be talking to some of world's best sleep experts on ways to get better sleep holistically. We dont want you waiting too long though so in the meantime have a look at this article on ways to improve your sleep through naturopathy.

by Denise O'Connor

A new exhibition, ‘IT JUST POPPED OUT’, opened this Saturday in the White Lady Art Gallery on Wellington Quay in Dublin gathering high praise from the strong turnout it received.

by Carolyn Curtis

When I first started out in my marriage, 25 years ago, I have to admit with my hand on my heart that yes, I thought it would all be so easy. There were so many moments that it was.

by Mary O'Brien

Career Coach Mary O'Brien writes on the unexpected insights gleaned from the fun and creative process of creating a Vision Board.

by Network Ireland

I remember the very first time I walked upstairs to an acting class like it was yesterday. My belly rumbled, my heart raced and my hands were glistening with nervous perspiration. Every part of me was instructing that I run in the opposite direction.