by Jay Ramsay

A poem entitled "STEPPING INTO THE MIDDLE" by Jay Ramsay

by Dave Phillips
St Francis Hospice Raheny

Each issue, Network Ireland dedicates space in the magazine to raise awareness of a charity. This issue we spoke to Dr Matthew Farrelly in St Francis Hospice, Raheny about the hospice movement, and the reality of death and bereavement in Ireland.

by Dave Phillips
Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt at Dunderry Park

We hooked up with Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt, both virtual world pioneers; to talk about the holistic use of technology, and how social media like Twitter and Facebook can enable us to bring about positive change by allowing us to communicate on a scale that has never before been possible.

by Angie Kinsella

Having run great Laughter Yoga workshops at Spirit in the City and the 2011 Spirit Of Folk Festival, Angie Kinsella of Yogaway wrote this great little article highlighting some of the benefits that Laughter Yoga brought to her life.

by Dr. Brenda Davies

Loving and being loved are immensely powerful states. Physician and Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Brenda Davies contributed this great piece to Network Ireland on harnessing and understanding the healing power of love in our relationships.

by Steven O' Riordan

Steven O' Riordan gives a very helpful and comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of meditation and Mindfulness - a way to ground and connect to ourselves and one another. When was the last time you lived in the moment - Embraced the eternal present with open attention and without judgement, Instead of letting your life pass you by?