We have a monthly rolling deadline for new content which is the last Friday of the month - please send submissions to [email protected]

Thanks for your interest in submitting a piece to Network Magazine!

Please note that we receive a high number of submissions, and while we will consider all items sent on to us, unfortunately we don't have the space to run all of them. We reserve the right to edit your submission.

Here's some FAQ's that we hope will help you. If in doubt, don't hesitate to get in touch! Please use the contact page for all submission enquiries.

Why write a piece for Network?

We want content that is well written, interesting, thought-provoking, and engaging. Admittedly, they sound like hard targets to hit, but don't let that put you off! If you've found something that you have genuine passion for, something that has ruffled your feathers, or something that you find utterly fascinating – then chances are when you tell us about it you're going to hit all of those targets! And if you're so incredibly passionate, ruffled, and fascinated at once, that you just can't put it in writing – well, you can still get in touch...maybe we can interview you!

Who can write for Network?

The short answer is that we are very happy to consider all submissions and ideas. You can write on any subject from a variety of angles, so there is no hard and fast rule on credentials. Naturally, if you've extensive experience in your topic, it will add a lot to your piece; and if you've relatively no experience in what you're writing about it will tend to detract hugely from your piece! So if you think you can put together something that hits the targets above, get in touch!

What topics do we cover?

We have a diverse set of interests, and have the scope to cover quite a lot. If you have an idea that you think we might like, get in touch and talk to us! Sometimes we will be able to tell you outright whether that's something we might like in a future issue or not. Some of the subjects we are interested in are: spirituality, religion, philosophy, psychology, fitness and well-being, mental health, green-living, ecology, science, and technology; this list is by no means exhaustive – we want to offer comprehensive, diverse, and enlightening content.

Article Guidelines

  • As a rough guide, shorter articles should be around 800 words, and longer articles around 1500 words. Some topics are best explored through a personal, subjective lens; while others work better through a more academic style: you can always check with us to see what we think would be the best way to tackle a subject.
  • Even though this is a list, please try not to make your article full of bullet point lists :-) Try to write the list into prose when possible.
  • If you're planning on writing a longer piece - please get in touch with us first to check our interest in this topic.
  • This one should go without saying, but please don't copy big chunks of content already available on your website and send it to us as an article, pretty please :-)
  • Especially for longer pieces, where you will be discussing a variety of facets of one topic – break your piece into manageable chunks. You can give different headings for different pieces if you like.
  • Try your best to make sure that whatever you send on for consideration is in good condition – making sure your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and presentation are all in order makes it much easier to assess your piece.
  • Include details of any works that you might have referenced directly, or indirectly. Or websites, books, films etc that you think would be good as 'further reading' for your article.
  • Include a short biography, this should be two or three lines to give relevant background information or credentials, you can include website, email, phone and other contact details.
  • Write for the general reader, not a specialist – you might be dealing with some complex ideas that have become second nature for you, but are baffling to other people. Be sure to make your article clear by explaining everything you're talking about. If you feel it would interrupt the flow of your article, include this information as a separate chunk and we can run it alongside!

Articles Vs Advertising

Many of our articles are written by professional practitioners on their own field of practice. This is brilliant, because it means that we receive articles that have an element of real experience to them. We would hope that an engaging, well-written piece will encourage readers to naturally want to find out more, and the way to do this may be through visiting your site, attending a workshop etc.

We would like this to be a genuine, wilful progression; and we would discourage you from using an article to heavily promote your own work or events. While done with the best intentions, it often achieves an opposite result, and can be off-putting for the reader, so we will not use them.

How to send us on a pitch!

If you've read through the above and you think you would like to write an article, then please get in touch and let us know. The best way to do this is send us a pitch - that means, let us know one (or two, or three) possible articles that you would like to write, with a short overview of the piece and angle you will take.

Here's an example of a great pitch:

My idea is for a longer article (around 1500 words) that will focus on art therapy in Ireland. I'd like to explore the Irish attitude to self-expression, looking at how this has changed in the past 10 years; I'd like to cover some of the main theory behind art therapy, and I wanted to draw on my own experiences to show just how useful art therapy can be as part of a healing journey.

This is really appealing to us because it gives us a clear indication of the topic, the length, the content, and the approach that the author will take.