by Denise O'Connor

Do you suffer from a sluggish digestion, frequent headaches, recurring sinus infections, itchy eyes, acne or hives? These and many more common conditions may mean your body needs a spring clean and could benefit hugely from a good detox. With a little willpower and some easy steps you might be able to heal some of these annoying conditions on your own!

by Network Ireland

Many of us are familiar with the hero archetypes talked about by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. It is easy for us to draw parallels between the heroes of ancient Greek, Norse, or celtic mythology, we can even quickly cite modern interpretations of the continuing Hero’s Journey myth, of the trials and tribulations of a certain character, their descent into darkness, and their ultimate triumph...

by Maya Benharroch

More often than not we suppress our anger, or carry around our anger and not know what to do with it, until it erupts uncontrollably. Here are 10 things we can do to effectively deal with and release anger for better living.

by Denise O'Connor

It is at this time of year when lots of us come down with a nasty bug or two. Instead of heading off for a prescription or ‘Over The Counter’ pills here are some natural alternatives you might already have in your cupboard!

by Network Ireland

Here's a short and very insightful piece on travelling and coping with anxiety, sent into us by a Network reader, please share this with anyone you think might find it helpful!

by Network Ireland

In our everyday lives reminders that striving for perfection should be our number one priority surround us. The media perpetuates the myth that emotional and physical flawlessness is something that everyone should work towards and we are made feel ashamed by anything that looks or feels imperfect or ugly.