by Network Ireland

An update on Network Magazine News!

by Hannah Mole

In our second online article about Permaculture Hannah talks about Observing and Interacting.






by Denise O'Connor

Hayfever, which is also known as allergic rhinitis, is a common atopic and seasonal disorder. It is predominantly linked to high concentrations of pollen release in late Spring, Summer and Autumn.

by Hannah Mole

In this first piece I would like to share with you some key Permaculture concepts. We can then expand on that through a series of articles, exploring each of the 12 main permaculture principles in a practical way.




by Ansel Oommen

Essential oils have long been treasured by mankind for their uplifting, aesthetic qualities. Laborious and costly, it can take several pounds of raw material to manufacture a few ounces of liquid gold.

by Mary O'Callaghan

Mary O'Callaghan has over 30 years of experience studying and teaching mindfulness meditation. She will lead a residential workshop at Dunderry Park at the end of May. In this piece from Network 85, Mary talks about mindfulness and some experiences she has had on her path as a teacher.