ART REVIEW - It just Popped out!

A new exhibition, ‘IT JUST POPPED OUT’, opened this Saturday in the White Lady Art Gallery on Wellington Quay in Dublin gathering high praise from the strong turnout it received. This is Dublin artist Kevin Bohan’s second solo exhibition in Dublin and his use of various media to put together visually captivating ‘assemblages’ – which is, he informed me, the technical term - had his audience mesmerised and fascinated.

The theme for the exhibition was centred predominantly on past musical icons and the vortexes of activity and fervency that encompassed them, both the negative and positive aspects… To absorb all of the detail of his works on display would take a quieter day and less of a crowd! However the overall impact was a visual feast and the use of vibrant colour and strong imagery was boldly done but was executed well and worked perfectly.

The exhibition is open until the 28th March and is well worth a visit!

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