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by Deirdre Cartmill
Have you felt that yearning within you, that you know there’s something more, that you know you are more, but you don’t know how to get from here to there? This is your soul calling to you, saying yes there is more, and if you listen to me I will show you the way.
by Marie Angeline Lascaux
What can we do to reduce the effects of stress on our health? Caught in all the tasks that have to be seen to on a daily basis, it is too easy to ignore the warning signs that our body is overloaded.
by Deirdre Cartmill
Pressure, like a sumo wrestler is sitting on my chest, and this pressure is getting heavier and heavier. The sweat is spreading through me like a tidal wave. I feel nauseous. My body is screaming at me that something is wrong. There’s nothing I can do but sit there, utterly powerless.
by Abby Wynne
Who are you and what are you supposed to be doing while you’re in this body, on this planet? This is the biggest question of all questions that could ever be asked.
by Kate Curtis
I had travelled across the water from Ireland to  Upstate  New York on the East Coast of America to attend a training workshop in Transpersonal  Psychology, involving the use of Holotropic Breathwork.
by Benig Mauger
In Egyptian mythology, there is a story that says that when a person dies, the soul travels to a different dimension to undergo a life review. In that timeless, spaceless realm, the god Anubis places the recently deceased’s astral heart on a scale to weigh it against the feather of truth.