by Hannah Mole

"The yield of a system is theoretically unlimited, or, limited only by the information and imagination of the designer." -Bill Mollisson

by Rubin Naiman
Our main problem with sleep stems from our definition of it. Most of us don’t get sleep because we don’t ‘get’ sleep.
by Network Ireland

Martin Duffy, director of the Oaktree Charitable Trust, talks about the Summer Solstice celebrations planned for Dunderry Park in June, and the importance of building communities.

by Hannah Mole

In the previous aricle on Observation I mentioned observing things like sun, wind, water flows, & human traffic. These are all forms of enrgy on the move. This means that they can be destructive and also productive. If we design carefully we can use them to be productive.


by Denise O'Connor

P.M.S - three little letters that strike fear into the hearts of men, the dreaded week (or maybe two) when the usually calm and serene women in their lives become unpredictable and scary creatures best to be placated at all costs! Well it’s no fun for us females either.

by Gemma McGowan

I always wanted to be a healer. In fact the need to help others, to make a difference somehow, would sometimes become so great that it would overwhelm me and leave me shaking and crying out. But that was when I was depressed.