Medicine Wheel Introduction

Newbridge, Dowra, Co. Leitrim
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The Medicine Wheel is a physical embodiment of our spiritual energy; an outward expression of our internal relationship with the great Spirit of existence. We can use the Medicine Wheel as a mirror to see an honest reflection of ourselves and where we are in life.

The origins of the Native American Medicine Wheel are not entirely known. Many cultures have used wheels or circle-like structures as sacred ways of organising and passing on understanding, knowledge and information about existence. Just look at the mandalas of the East, the Neolithic stone circles of Europe, and the South American Mayan and Aztec circles, to name but a few.

Regardless of the origin, Medicine Wheels offer a wonderful pathway for personal exploration, growth and transformation, as well as for processes of a more psycho-therapeutic nature. Therefore, it can be a guide for our life’s journey, teaching us that there is a time and a purpose for the events of our lives. When used as an active meditation, the Medicine Wheel can help to bring unity and balance into our life.

On the 18th April we will begin an exploration of these circles of knowledge held within the wheel, starting with the Four Cardinal Directions. This will be followed by six further days where we can continue to explore the different teachings contained in this spiral of knowledge. Parallel themes from Celtic mythology and stories will be referenced throughout the course. Each Teaching Day will be a complete design in and of itself. Email [email protected] for brochure and further details.


Tamaris Taylor trained in the Native American spiritual tradition for 8 years and is author/illustrator of 'The Song of Light' (2014), a book which blends a Native meditation method with drawings of Celtic archaeological imagery. Her educational background is in Art/printmaking and illustration. She has taught in many community settings - prisons, youth centres and psychiatric hospitals. She taught drawing and printmaking at Cambridge College of Art in the UK.

Brid Boland completed ten years training in the Native spiritual tradition and has pursued a keen interest in Irish mythological stories preserved in the early manuscripts. Her three books (2014/15) explore the shared links between Irish mythology and the philosophy of Turtle Island (North & Central America). She worked in Local Development, Peace-building and Community Development in Ireland and in the UK for 30 years. Her educational background is in Psychology and Peace and Conflict Studies. She holds a Diploma in person-centered counselling and certificates in Dance Movement Therapy, Shamanic Counselling, and Community Mediation.