by Will Brennan
The term ‘entheogen’ literally means ‘generating the divine within’ and it refers to a group of psychoactive plants and fungi that have the capacity to engender a shift in our ordinary state of consciousness.
by Carmel Larkin
When you begin a journal, you take your first step on a path of self-discovery. The more you write, the more you uncover about your own thought processes, attitudes, recurring relationship and behavioural patterns.
by by Jonice Webb, Ph.D.
It was a happy coincidence that I was asked to write an article about Childhood Emotional Neglect just as I was just about to embark on a long-anticipated trip to Ireland. My visit to learn more about my Irish heritage has made the process of writing this article much more rewarding.
by Hannah Mole

Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services

by Network Ireland

This week we talked to Feargal Gallagher about the benefits of bushcraft and how he came to set up Staghorn Bushcraft. Feargal will be hosting his next weekend at Dunderry Park from August 2nd to the 4th.

Why did you decide to set up Staghorn Bushcraft?

by Network Ireland
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Richard Louv, best-selling author of Last Child in the Woods, talks to Network about Nature Deficit Disorder, finding the balance between nature and technology, how we can better integrate nature into our lives and homes, and the benefits we can find by doing so.