The Benefits of Bushcraft!

This week we talked to Feargal Gallagher about the benefits of bushcraft and how he came to set up Staghorn Bushcraft. Feargal will be hosting his next weekend at Dunderry Park from August 2nd to the 4th.

Why did you decide to set up Staghorn Bushcraft?

I started Staghorn Bushcraft for two main reasons. 1. I wanted my love and passion to become my job and 2. I think that everyone should try Bushcraft. I feel that it's one way to get a better understanding and appreciation for the natural world, for life and everything it has to offer. Out in the wild you can’t take anything for granted. It makes us realize how dependent we’ve become as a species. Learning Bushcraft instantly gives us a new sense of freedom and connectedness to the land again.

What do you think is the importance of connecting back to nature in this way?

Some say that you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you came from. I feel Bushcraft offers a solution to this. By learning skills similar to our ancestors, we gain a much greater insight into how their thought process worked and can more easily draw from their wisdom. Bushcraft gives us a better understanding and appreciation for the lives of our ancestors and for our own lives today.

What specific skills will people learn about on this course?

On this particular course, people will be learning the basic skills needed to survive in the wilderness, these skills include, knife skills, fire making, water purification and shelter building, as well as a few others; but I think the most important lesson is what participants will discover about themselves.

Tell us a little about the venue for the next course, Dunderry Park?

What can I say? It's a great location. I been to the drumming circles there several times, but I really didn't get a feel for the place until Spirit of Folk last year. It not only has great facilities (the house, etc.), but it also has an amazing spiritual energy. What is your favorite thing about learning Bushcraft? My favourite thing about learning bushcraft is the ability to stride confidently in a wilderness area safe in the knowledge that you'll be ok, no matter what; my other favourite things are that you never stop learning and Nature will constantly test you, which can be both challenging and great fun.

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  • To find out more about the next course at Dunderry Park email Annette on [email protected] or call Dunderry Park on 046 9074455.
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