Sound Healing Workshop, Dublin

The Health-Plex, 87 Rosemount Ave, Artane, Dublin 5
Marta / 0851031578
€60 / €50 (early bird)

Sound healing – full day workshop - Sunday 10th march

Gong bath and tibetan bowls

A Gong Bath can leave a person physically and mentally rattled. Producing good feelings in the form of hormones surging through brains and bodies helps people get more in touch with positive qualities of who we are physically, and helps us get back to more grounded or more stable place.

Healing Frequencies:The Art of Toning With Singing Bowls

Toning is the process of using our voice to express open sounds for the purpose of relief and release. This interactive workshop gently encourages you to explore the powerful interplay of Singing Bowls and the human voice. The rich, harmonic overtones of these unusual Singing Bowls align the crystalline structure of your own body. Experience energy medicine in its most fundamental form, soothing and shifting you into vibrational resonance – that feeling of being in the flow.

Tibetan Sound Healing: Seven Guided Practices to Clear Obstacles, Cultivate Positive Qualities, and Uncover Your Inherent Wisdom

The Tibetan Sound healing tradition invokes the Five Warrior Syllables "seed" sounds that bring us to the essential nature of mind, and release the boundless creativity and positive qualities that are fundamental to it. Through the medicine of sound, we can clear obstacles from our body, our energy and emotions, and the subtle sacred dimensions of our being.

Chakra Tones: Energize Your Life With Sound

From instinct and emotions to goal setting and creative expression, the chakras are the control panel of your life. we will focuses on how to create specific primordial “Chakra Tones” that can heal the physical body and restore balance in your life. By allowing yourself to breathe deeply and sustain these primordial tones, you accelerate the deep vibrational resonance in your cells as you create greater vitality in your voice.

For some people during the workshop it is simply a transformational personal growth process. Either way, the exercises in the work bring us so much back to the clear essence of who we are, clear and honest communication, self esteem and self worth to find our true voice… and to know that we really do have a voice, and there is nothing to be afraid of or to hide form

Workshop – we start on 10th March at 2pm we finish 20:00 
cost at door 60 euro
early booking 50 booking required 1week before
call or send text : 0851031578
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