Following the cries of your Soul

Have you felt that yearning within you, that you know there’s something more, that you know you are more, but you don’t know how to get from here to there?

This is your soul calling to you, saying yes there is more, and if you listen to me I will show you the way.

Even when we hear this call, we often do nothing as we wait for a major sign from outside us; we want someone to come along and tell us you were born to go here and do this. So we put our life off until someday instead of living today.

The secret is to do the one small thing today, take the small step today, that your soul is whispering to you to take. It may not seem like much, it may not feel like enough, but it is. In 6 months time when you look back you will see how far you’ve come.

I didn’t listen to the cries of my soul until I had two heart attacks in a week at 43. I was forced to my knees and had to listen. Now I know the only way to be happy is to listen to YOU and no-one else.

Here are 3 ways I found to follow the cries of your soul.

1. Listen to Your Heart Not Your Mind

We’ve been taught to trust our logical mind and to ignore our emotions, our intuition, our gut feeling. But think back on all those times when you didn’t trust your gut. I bet you remember them because things turned out badly and you regret not listening. Those feelings and that little voice inside you are what connects you to your heart, and your heart connects you to your soul.

If your mind is screaming at you and your heart is whispering to you, always listen to your heart. This is how to live from your soul. Your mind is screaming out all its past conditioning, while you heart is whispering the divine truth.

2. Stop Living by The Rules Of the World & Live By The Divine Truth Within You Instead

Once you’ve listened to your heart then you need to find the courage to follow it. Often your heart will be guiding you to do the complete opposite of what society is telling you to do. But look around at society – do you see a happy, loved filled place or a place of fear and confusion? Is this the kind of society whose rules you want to follow?

Before my heart attacks I had the right job, the right house, the right relationship and I was miserable because I was not being true to myself. When I started to listen to and follow the truth inside me, I felt like I was being the authentic me for the first time. Things weren’t perfect around me initially but it didn’t matter because I was happy. Society tells us things have to be perfect but that just keeps us following their rules.

What’s more important – someone else’s idea of perfection or giving yourself permission to be happy in whatever way works for you?

3. Follow Your Joy

If you follow your joy, it will simply and gently lead you to the right path for you. I remember lying in the back of the ambulance and thinking of all the things I wished I’d done that I hadn’t been brave enough to try. I vowed to do them if I survived.

I’d always wanted to sing but thought I would be awful. Once the realisation hit that I could be dead I thought so what if I sing badly? I went to a night class and had the time of my life. By the end of 12 weeks I was singing solo in front of the class – something I would never have dreamed of doing. It made me realise how much we all stop ourselves from doing what we love for the sheer fun of it, because we’re afraid of making a show of ourselves and being laughed at or judged. You only have this moment to live. Live it.

Shortly afterwards I saw a flyer for a shamanic day. I thought shamanic meditation might be fun and inspiring so I went along, and there I was, stumbling onto my spiritual path through another small step.

As I’ve followed this path of healing I’ve discovered that following my joy and doing what makes my heart sing will always lead me where I need to go, because in those moments I’m effortlessly following the cries of my soul and letting it lead the way, instead of following my fearful mind.

We so often put our lives on hold, waiting for someone to give us a 5-year plan and a set of guarantees, instead of living today, doing what makes us smile today, taking that one small step that our soul is whispering to us today, knowing it will lead us to the joy, peace and love we crave - and will show us they were inside us all along…

About the author: 

Deirdre Cartmill is a spiritual teacher, healer, speaker and writer based in Belfast. At 43 she had two heart attacks in a week and her life fell apart. She had to learn how to ditch trauma and stress and live the life her soul was crying out for. Now she helps others do the same by sharing the spiritual insights and practical steps that helped her heal and change her life. She runs workshops and retreats and offers energy healings and one to one soul guidance. Find out more about Deirdre and how she can help you on your healing journey at her website –

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