Slí An Chroí - One Day Introduction to Irish Shamanism

10.30am – 5.30pm
Slí an Chroí Centre, Dublin 7
John & Karen / (01) 670 4905

A special opportunity on Sunday, August 11th to join another edition in 2019 of this insightful and resourceful gathering.

On this Sunday in Summer, we will be offering a one day “welcome” to Healing Shamanic Practice and Holistic Living where we explore the founding wisdom and experience the primary ways that make the shamanic practitioner a true caretaker of the self and of the earth. In the workshop, we see how the shamanic practitioner views life as an epic adventure to greater and greater health, wisdom and compassion by being grounded, open and free in Nature. We connect deeply with the energies of the earth and return stronger, gifted with healings for ourselves and others. We take gentle, early steps into “journeying” with the rattle and drum, an elemental shamanic practice to travel realms beyond ordinary reality, (in Irish tradition, the "otherworld") . There we retrieve teachings and guidance and connect with power animals and spirit guides, allowing us to experience how the shamanic practitioner walks in the world with tremendous sacred support. We share a fire ceremony and glimpse the Medicine Spiral, the lifelong path of learning taken by the shaman and throughout the day we see how the ancient wisdom of shamanism inspires true holistic living in today’s world. The shaman is often referred to as the natural mystic, bringing forth resources, problem solving, consciousness that was always within. There is no hierarchy, no sacred book, no dogma nor theology. Only the equality, simplicity, acceptance and celebration of ourselves as natural beings.

This workshop offers a safe, confidential and sacred space in which to take a voyage of self-healing in community with others doing likewise. It is a wonderful opportunity to take time out, to give to yourself a day of warmth and spiritual adventure. It is a stand alone day, a self-contained, one off experience that yields positive breakthrough with any outstanding issue prevailing in your life. The workshop is also a stepping stone to incorporating deeper shamanic practice into your life, which for many leads to practice and training with Slí An Chroí, notably through the Medicine Spiral. Before the 2019-2020 Medicine Spiral, there are the wonderful bi-monthly gatherings called Shamanic Practice Community which is a developmental course especially for those who have participated in the One Day Introduction. Many attendees at this workshop, refer to a voice within guiding them towards coming into circle with others and sitting as our Ancestors did, openly around the fire.


Some words from people who have taken the One Day Introduction To Shamanism:

“Just a quick email to say thank you for a most wonderful day in Sli an Chroi yesterday.  It was lovely to meet you and sit in circle with you and all the others who came. I think you know how profoundly the day affected me and how it was  a home -coming for me in more ways than one 'you will greet yourself  arriving at your own hall door' as Derek Walcott says in his poem 'Love after Love'  who would have 'thunk' it- that I would go back to Smithfield for my homecoming. I have much to take in and sit with over the next while. So many highlights from start to finish - thank you for the drumming (a drummer emerged and I loved it). Above all, thank you  for your beautiful Presence and the space you hold it all felt so safe and welcoming”. Marian

“Thank you for yesterday. I really found it very inspiring and you are right about the Fire ceremony working fast!  I truly do want to connect with the deeper realms of nature and spirit that I sometimes feel around me. So thank you for all you gave to us yesterday & for introducing me to a wisdom in a way that was real, practical and honest”. Jean

“..hope all is great with your good self and John, ..can't wait until September. I feel really lucky and it’s a great honour to continue with this amazing process. I am in a very good place and have been for a long time. I love my Shamanic lifestyle “seriously cool”. Sharon

“Thank you so much for Sunday, The day still resonates on me and specially that drumming… brings me deep into myself”. Leo

“Many thanks to yourself and Karen (and indeed all those who attended) for the wonderful session today. I feel a certain calmness and peace this evening which is often hard to find in today's busy world”. Anna

“I have since become aware that Great Spirit was speaking to me before this powerful ‘Introduction day to Shamanism’ and has done so since, in those synchronous moments – sign posting/guiding to a path of healing, knowledge and wisdom, to a pathway of the heart. I trust that my beautiful sacred power animal and spirit guides will continue to support and guide me every step of the way - to enlightenment, oneness and all that I am.” Lorraine


No previous formal shamanic training experience is necessary to attend this workshop. It is also open to those who do have experience through other traditions and teachers, who wish to once again come into a shamanic community and be met by what is unique in the Slí An Chroí approach. You can read more about this one day event at this link to our website. Wear clothing easy to move in and we normally take lunch together locally in one of the many eateries on Smithfield Square.

We look forward to your presence and being your hosts for this wonderful journey. There is a Booking Form should you wish to ensure your place. We deliberately keep numbers relatively low to ensure optimum experience and supervision, so if you are called to this gathering do act promptly. Please e mail us ([email protected]) or call 01-670 4905 to share any queries you may have before booking.

The cost for the workshop is €75.

Le Spiorad agus cairdeas, (“In Spirit and friendship”)

John Cantwell and Karen Ward, Slí An Chroí.

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