Shamanic Practice Community Invitation 2018

10.30am – 5.30pm
NWIC Network Building, Smithfield, (same as for One Day Introduction to Shamanism)
John / (01) 670 4905

This is a warm hearted, healing event that is suitable for people who have taken the One Day Introduction to Shamanism in the past, as well as those who have formal shamanic experiences from other programmes, including Medicine Spiral and Healers Spiral and with other teachers/schools, etc.

Shamanic Practice Community is ideal for anybody longing for a fresh touchstone with this ancient tradition which also brings a valuable ‘time out’ for what really matters in our lives. The healing rituals and practices are always new on this unique day and never repeated as part of other training experiences.

While The Medicine Spiral training beginning in September 2018 is the step into building a strong foundation practice and entry into the healing lineage of this land, there is opportunity before September next year to keep alive your indigenous heart with progressive shamanic experience. Shamanic Practice Community 2018 provides for a natural, graceful development of your practice. It will also bring you into shamanic community which is always meaningful, supportive and stimulating. The one day series will also provide a perfect stepping stone for The Medicine Spiral 2018-2019 training, which begins in Dunderry Park, Co. Meath on September 14th-16th.

There will be three Saturdays in April to July dedicated to Shamanic Practice Community - this will be the first of three. (€75 per day)

If you are considering taking your place on a day of the One Day Shamanic Practice Community course, please e mail [email protected] to state this as soon as possible. Your e mail will initially reserve a place and you will then receive a Booking Form and Deposit Payment information.

Principal practices and benefits of the Shamanic Practice Community course:

  1. Deepening your awareness of natural, innate ways of the healing shaman.
  2. Becoming more open and perceptive of the healing power of Nature.
  3. Finding  holistic health resources and breakthroughs for your personal healing journey.
  4. Growing more confidence as a person who finds greater balance and harmony with the energies of the natural world.
  5. Being in the warm, safe and sacred community of other people “of the heart”.
  6. Learning eloquent and effective rituals and ceremonies that will last a lifetime.
  7. Using your experience of the One Day Introduction to Shamanism as a profound starting point into greater self awareness and new consciousness.
  8. Keeping alive and vital your shamanic self in the months towards The Medicine Spiral. (Note: Taking the One Day Shamanic Practice Community course does not oblige you to participate in The Medicine Spiral)


NB. It is possible to come along to one of the Saturdays even if you know that you will be unavailable for one or more of the following workshops. The Shamanic Practice Community Course is designed to provide for whatever development of your practice that you can make possible for yourself.


NB. You can attend any of the following workshops even if you cannot make the next one. For those students who can make one, two or three workshops, the course is designed to be inclusive, accommodating and relevant at whatever time you can participate.


To Book Your Place, Contact John At Slí An Chroí:

Tel: 01-670 4905, E Mail: [email protected]

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