Pleiadian Light Code DNA Activation Workshop, Killarney, Ireland With Jerry Sargeant

15/07/2017 to 16/07/2017
The Brehon, Killarney, Co. Kerry,

Are you ready to connect with your Authentic Vibrational Cosmic Crystal Blueprint, and venture into a state of elevated vibration, as you travel through uncharted jungles of spiritual understanding?

If you want to change your current reality then you MUST change your frequency so you can attract and experience higher vibrational reality.

In fact everyone has a certain frequency (the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub-atomic particles in your field) which ranges between 50-150 Ghz. Frequency is extremely important because of the Law of Resonance which states that depending on the frequency you have you will resonate with people, places, times, things and events that have similar frequency if not identical frequency.

If you do not RAISE and CHANGE your frequency, then you will stay STUCK in a karmic loop where you keep experiencing the EXACT SAME REALITY.

When you change your frequency at the quantum level of your awareness you can instantly attract a more harmonious grid of people, places, times, things and events. This includes soulmates, business contracts or opportunities and other desirable life experiences.

Jerry will guide you for two days on this extraordinary experiential journey. Though a series of individual and group exercises, deep frequency encoded healing meditations geared specifically to opening your 3rd eye and activating your DNA) and specific DNA Light Encoded exercises. You will experience a massive shift in your awareness.

For more details please see this event link.

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