NVC & Focusing Open Day-Safety in Trauma Relationship

10am - 6pm
An Tionól Cottage, Gort, Co. Galway
Marta / +353 872031764

Nonviolent Communication and Focusing open day.
Theme: Safety in Trauma relationship

Living from the fresh edge

You are all welcome to join us on this invitation to an open day workshop of Focusing and NVC.

This is and introductory opportunity to focusing and NVC as equal companions of an integrative process for compassionate beingness.

These introductions offer insights and approaches into how to invite a safe space around those more raw and difficult parts of ourselves in a compassionate and sensitive way with NVC and Focusing

See this short clip on 'Dead end stories and Feelings' audio video on how to move with & through stuck patternings https://bit.ly/FocusingTraumatoHealing

NVC was developed by Marshall Rosemberg as a practical toolkit that provides you with a set of concrete skills that you can use to connect with yourself & communicate more effectively with others.
Its purpose is to strengthen our ability to inspire compassion from others and to respond compassionately to others and to ourselves.

Focusing is a tool to encounter our inner dance, to allow it and to make space for all that is being sensed and felt.
Focusing is a philosophy of the implicit as Eugene Gendlin described, trusting and allowing our inner silence to transform our life as we feel and sense within. Allowing a forward movement to manifest in a present, connected, direction in life.

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to communicate compassionately, lead from the heart & connect from a place where our human needs are honoured & considered.
An opportunity to meet your own positive possibilities with all you already have.

If you are already one of the students of our year long programme on focussing or NVC this might also be of interest to you. If you are considering to participate in our courses this will give you an idea of the long year programme on NVC and focusing.

This is a shared colaboration between Sinhaketu Mckibbin & Marta Fabregat

About Sinhaketu

I believe NVC learning should be fun with a strong element of community and sharing. I am also a certified trainer in the fields of Mindfulness and Focusing with 30 years of personal practise. Combining elements of Focusing and Mindfulness into the program adds a richness and depth allowing for a more embodied and deeper NVC experience.

An Tionól & Marta:
Marta's is a social mediator and community educator/facilitator, her experience in the art of hosting and holding space, native plant healing/focusing in nature gives this course an exciting blend of elements to accompany the NVC process as a community adventure.

Hosted by An Tionól Cottage
Creative and Compassionate living centre
This is a free event and it counts as a full day on your NVC certification process if this is your path.

Donations will be welcome on the day, there will be a Dana Box where you can share gratitude if you can.

Our liberation, our freedom is in attending to our greatest fears with an allowing presence.

For attendance it is required to book your place to:

An Tionól cottage
By email: [email protected]
By phone: 0872031764

Book now for the Courses

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