Juan Nuñez del Prado - Advanced Energy Training courses

29/10/2019 to 06/11/2019
Green Tara College, Navan, Co. Meath
Majella / 046 9060600
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Juan Nuñez del Prado - Advanced Energy Training from one of the World’s Great Masters

4 workshops to give you personal experience of the world as living energy
October 29 - November  06 2019

Juan Nuñez del Prado is the world’s leading expert on the ancient energy systems of the Inca Empire, still practiced by the Q’ero Indians of Peru and Bolivia.  This profound spiritual knowledge was hidden from the world for 500 years in secret villages high in the mountains of Peru - until discovered by Juan’s father in the 1950’s.  A leading anthropologist, shaman and Q’ero priest, Juan has spent 30 year’s studying under the senior teachers of this “Inka Path”.  He has condensed their teachings into core practical skills taught in four 2-day workshops.  One of the world’s great spiritual masters, Juan writes no books, but only communicates his teaching face-to-face.   Juan’s training is extremely practical. You will learn many techniques for transforming energy—to bring harmony to groups, for personal healing and protection, to enhance your personal power, and to enable you to receive further teaching directly from Spirit.

  • Learn the Inca Energy System of the 8 chakras.
  • Learn to draw healing energy from the heavens.
  • Receive the Ayni Karpay Initiation to power your spiritual development.
  • Learn to draw empowering energy directly from nature.
  • Touch the moments of your conception and death, releasing the past and seeing into the future.
  • Align, create and manifest your own reality and healing.
  • Experience the Vision of Your Own Power.
  • Acquire spirit guides to help your path.
  • Strengthen your 7 sacred powers and your 4 sacred ways of seeing.
  • Receive the Bands of Power to protect you from negative energies.
  • Build energy connections with the Great Beings of the Universe for knowledge, healing and power.
  • Learn to perform “Hucha Miqui” - which will turn any negative energy positive.