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Co. Tipperary
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Foundation in Anthroposophy, An Orientation for Life
A part-time Foundation Program accredited by the Irish Steiner Kindergarten Association

This course is a creative gateway for people interesting in exploring the living spirit and the works of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.

A modular program, which opens the heart, mind, and body to the inner laws of nature and spirit, and to the evolution of the earth and human consciousness.

The next program is offered to commence on November 2nd - training takes place monthly over seven weekend sessions in Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary

Intduction Day on Saturday 29th September

Queries, Brochure, and Application Form from [email protected]



ISKA Training is the Irish Steiner Kindergarten Association Training body, which offers workshops and part-time Training in Waldorf Steiner Education. Based on Rudolf Steiner's philosophy this pedagogy  emphasises the role of imagination in learning, practical application and hands-on experience through play and imitation for the young child. It integrates the  intellectual, practical, and artistic development of children and adults. It offers a schooling path of ‘becoming’ for the adult and the joy of ‘being’ for children.

ISKA Training’s Introductory Course ‘Foundation in Anthroposophy-an Orientation for Life ‘ is a comprehensive modular introductory course for anyone with an interest in the Waldorf Steiner philosophy.

This Foundation Course might be-for one student-their first introduction to the Waldorf Steiner philosophy and may-for another-be a deepening comprehension of oneself in their role as a parent, teacher or an Early Years Practitioner or any challenging role in life really! This diversity is the key to the proven success rate of this course designed, directed and facilitated by Ulrike Farnleitner with professional contributions from other Waldorf Steiner experts, Martin Henry & Christopher Clouder- just two of many National and International specialist Tutors dedicated to this programme.

Meeting monthly in the beautiful hall at Camphill Community in Carrick-on-Suir, the students develop a rhythm to their weekend learning in which they cultivate a pattern of trust, friendship and support in their collective studies.

The creative progression of the sessions and the innovative self-development techniques used are as much a strong component of the training as are the traditional learning methods used to expose the student to the various topics, on subjects ranging from children’s developmental patterns to how the planets can affect our lives to the study of Rudolf Steiner’s theosophy lectures.

Testimonials from Past Participants

“This course thus far has awakened my senses and opened my consciousness to the Universe, of which we are a tiny but not insignificant part. There is so much more to this life than we realise and I am thoroughly enjoying questioning old beliefs and examining old habits with a view to changing or indeed accepting them! It is so lovely to do all this explorative work within the supportive group of fellow participants and under the guidance of wonderful facilitators. The atmosphere in which we meet is one of utmost respect, non-judgement and acceptance. I always leave on a Sunday feeling so refreshed and re-connected to both my inner self and the outer world. Something I particularly value in this course is the wonderful rhythm of the weekends. Rudolph Steiner places much emphasis on the importance of rhythm and in this course one really experiences it’s relevance and the calming effect it has on the mind, body, soul and spirit. The comprehensive variety of topics explored and activities undertaken on the course ensure there is something for everyone and I can highly recommend it.’”       

Aoife Minnock, January 2017

“I have been spiraling towards doing the Foundation in Anthroposophy course for some years and I really wish I did it earlier! The course is beautifully and thoughtfully coordinated in such a way that that the experiential elements really support the theory and vice versa, thus giving you a chance to breathe, think, and come to the next part fresh, ready and open for knowledge. With such a diverse range of interesting teachers, guest speakers, advice on reading material and the company of like minded fellow students I can already say that my personal and work lives have been enhanced in myriad ways.”

Carol Brogan, January 2017

“I first heard about the Anthroposophy course whilst living in Australia. After becoming acquainted with people in the Steiner community, I made a visit to a beautiful Steiner school in Thora, New South Wales which was deep in the forests next to a gushing river. Surrounded by gum trees and kookaburras, a school towered up in the valley - round classrooms with cob walls were decorated with hanging fabrics, wool and embroidered textiles and I felt very inspired by this place where herbal flowerbeds abounded and the library's balcony overlooked a forest. A few friends recommended the Anthroposophy course and so later that evening, on the Internet; I discovered this Steiner course in Ireland and applied the following morning due to the deadline. It felt right and I was soon accepted, and in October I made the move to Ireland, settling in County Clare and attending the course each month in the town of Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary.

For each course weekend, we were asked to prepare something creative and it was interesting to see the stories of everyone unfold in a warm and sharing space.  This creative reflection also gave us a chance to ponder on the information we covered in the modules in our own personal way.  We covered a different theme each month, which gave us enough time for the information to digest.  I felt very happy to be doing this alongside a supportive group of people and four of us living in West Ireland met regularly for extra study sessions at a hotel in Gort, which was very nourishing.

For my creative reflections, I often decided to focus on storytelling.  Storytelling, rhythm, ritual and repetition are important aspects of the holistic Steiner framework of learning and it is believed that these methods help the soul understand and align with the deeper rhythms of the universe.  I believe that we are all storytellers and we often have something profound to share about our experiences and for my creative exercises I decided to delve more into storytelling.  Storytelling is an important facet of Waldorf education and different folklore and mythologies are chosen and told to children at different phases of their development.  It was this sacred place of unity and imagination that was treasured by our ancestors and storytelling has become an art that is currently making a resurgence again since the mid 1970s.

I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to delve deeper into myself and my family history and to honour and rediscover many creative faculties, ancient rhythms, mythologies, stories and to set a foundation within myself for deeper contemplation of our worlds.  I hope that I will be able to use this wisdom and knowledge throughout my life, to deepen my artistic development as a writer, storyteller, artist and performer.”

Tess Joyce, May 2017


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