Healing Mother Earth For Humanity

06/03/2020 to 12/03/2020
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Mulranny, Co. Mayo
Lisa / 085 2234822
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Healing Mother Earth For Humanity - Leigheas chun cneasnú Eiriú, ar mhaithe Áos an Domhain. March 6th-8th and 11th-12th 2020


"A convergence of two ancient traditions and cultures, together forging the way for a better world and relationship with Mother Earth.”


At the core of each and every activity or project we undertake is the intention of constructing a more harmonious and healthy relationship with the Earth and with ourselves; to maintain a delicate balance between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, and a deep understanding of the elements, their strengths and healing properties, so that we can learn to heal and empower ourselves.

This philosophy is drawn from a deep connection with this land and our own ancestral teachings, and by the Andean traditions of the Q'eros, with particular attention given to the teachings of my own teacher, Nicolas Pauccar Calcina, born from a line of Andean Priests/Shamans in Marcachea, Q’ero, Peru. He has dedicated years to preserving the traditions of the indigenous Q'ero community, and provides an insight into the ancient world teachings which correlate strongly to our land and traditions of our ancestors.

It is an honour to welcome him to this beautiful land as both a friend and an inspiration, where he will share a few days in our company, exchanging stories and insights from his own experiences and ancestral tradition, with the aim to awaken once more our deep connection to the land and our own connection with ourselves and with all that exists around us and within us.

This will take place at the Mulranny Park Hotel, in Co. Mayo, a beautiful and tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and encapsulated within the breathtaking surroundings of mountains, fresh sea air and a true sense of the wild Mayo countryside.

“The only true form of personal evolution is to offer conscious awareness to humanity.” Nicolas Pauccar Calcina


6th March (6-8pm):

Presentation of the Andean Teachings and it's relationship to Ancient Ireland. The teachings and life of Nicolas Pauccar Calcina.

Exchange: €25

7th March (9am-4pm):

The Divine Feminine and the Qhapaq Nan - Building a daily relationship of harmony with ourselves. Understanding the elements and earth through the Andean Codes and rituals.

Exchange: €125 (Includes lunch and refreshments)

8th March (9am-4pm):

The Three Worlds and Healing with the Ancestors. The Divine Masculine and the application of the Andean Codes to everyday life.

Exchange: €125 (Includes lunch and refreshments)


11th March (9am-4pm):

Note: This day is for Advanced Students or for those who have completed all of the first three days.

Working with Huchamikuy and Saminchakuy. Ancestral and Lineage Healing. Soul Retrieval. Land Healing.

Exchange: €125 (Includes lunch and refreshments)

12th March (9am - 1pm):

Initiation as Guardian of the Earth. Initiations with Pachamama and the elements. Talk on the responsibility of being Guardians of the Earth in the 21st Century.

Exchange: €75

Reservations and Overnight Stay:

With gratitude to the events team at the hotel, there are very special rates available for participants who would like to stay overnight on-site at the 4* Mulranny Park Hotel Resort.

Accommodation must be booked directly with the Hotel, quoting Be Yew - Elemental Energy and 

Accommodation reservations can be made by contacting the Mulranny Park Hotel directly on tel: +353 (0)98 36 000 or email: [email protected]ie 


A non-refundable deposit is required in order to reserve your place for the above days. This can be done via the Eventbrite link below. 

The balance will be due on the day of the event. If you prefer to transfer the complete amount or purchase this programme as a gift, please contact me directly via the contact details below. 

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It is a great honour to hold this special healing event, and I am looking forward to sharing in your presence there.