Harvey Wasserman - Expand your Life in 3 weeks (week one)

Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit, Galway
Sarah / 091 566 712

Many emotional problems can respond to simple techniques. My "Expand Your Life In 3 Weeks" workshops have as their one major purpose, to demonstrate that truth.

I present exercises that help with depression, anxiety and other emotional problems. They help participants to identify negative thinking and the many beliefs and experiences that limit personal growth and expansion.

I have learned many of my expansive exercises from the great teachers of the past 50 years, Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson, Al Lowen and many others. I have studied with native healers around the world and created original neuroplastic experiences of my own.

"Workshop" means that I work and you as attendees work, experiencing and perhaps voluntarily sharing your personal experiences.

Although the workshops are open to the general public, I am inviting all in the healing professions to attend. You will find the experiences professionally and personally useful.

Each workshop will be valuable in itself; attending all three will bring you the best results.

Week 1: Saturday 30th September
Week 2: Saturday 7th October
Week 3: Saturday 14th October

The cost is €5 per workshop and you can purchase tickets through this link.

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