East Coast Ireland Holotropic Retreat

13/06/2019 to 16/06/2019
Kate / 353 872325383

Mark and I invite you to a summer Holotropic Retreat in the heart of the Wicklow Hills, in a beautiful mountain chalet near Aughrim.

The fire will be lit in the huge granite stone fire place all weekend and also in the ancient wooded garden.

We will be gathering in circle on the Thursday evening at 7 pm, and that evening sharing our experiences and emotions and thoughts, and setting the intention for the weekend. We will be journeying to the drum, to seek guidance, and strength from our inner wisdom.
On Friday & Saturday there will be two breath work sessions, each person will breathe twice and sit twice. There will be time to draw and paint the impressions and memories. On Saturday night there will be dancing culminating with a sharing circle and a fire  ceremony in the Wood on Sunday. So to let go that which no longer serves us and to call in our dreams and ambitions and wishes for the future.

Holotropic breathwork is a self-empowering system of healing developed by Dr Stanislov Grof, and his late wife Christina enabling individuals to connect with their authentic self and their reason for being. Holotropic translates as "Moving towards Wholeness". You can find more information here

The retreat fee is 380 euros and includes shared accommodation in twin rooms and delicious meals.

You can register for the retreat, which includes a medical questionnaire, here

You might be interested in joining Mark and Kate in a Zoom Room where we will be sharing some highlights of what we think is an incredible self-empowering tool to have in the box so to speak. It  will be an opportunity to meet us, to ask questions about how it has helped us, how it has helped others and about the process itself.

Sunday 12th May - click here to register

Many blessings and much love