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MSc Adolescent Psychotherapy

In partnership with the University of Northampton

The aim of this two-year in-depth training programme is to understand and appreciate the complexity of adolescent process and to support counsellors/therapists in developing deeper levels of competency in their work with adolescents who are experiencing psychological and developmental difficulties. The training will address adolescent development and psychotherapy from a Gestalt Relational perspective, understanding adolescent development as creative adjustment in context, tracking the interactive evolution of the adolescent’s contact repertoire and the relational field of which the adolescent is a part. Themes for the training will include:

  • The nature of adolescent development, including transformation of the adolescent’s relationship with him/herself, the social world & parents.
  • Understanding clinical symptoms as developmental field phenomena.
  • Utilising a field approach for designing clinical interventions
  • The critical role of shame in the clinical situation
  • The pragmatics of engaging the adolescent and parents in therapy

The Programme Director is Bronagh Starrs. Bronagh is an adolescent development specialist and has considerable experience as a trainer in adolescent development and therapy throughout Ireland. She also teaches and presents internationally on the developmental implication of trauma on the adolescent journey.

Entry Requirements

This Masters Degree programme is open to practitioners who have successfully completed a core psychotherapy/psychology training course (in either adult-oriented or child-oriented psychotherapy) and who are accredited (or working towards accreditation) with an accrediting body such as IAHIP, IACP, BACP, PSI or equivalent.

Course Brochure and Application Form are available to download here:

Course Brochure 2019

Application Form