Dancing the Rainbow - weekend workshop in Nenagh, Tipperary

02/11/2019 to 03/11/2019
Art and Healing Centre, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Marie / 086-2418814

Dancing the Rainbow was created and designed by two Irish women, Antoinette Spillane, a yoga teacher and voice teacher with a background in the creative arts and Lani O'Hanlon a dancer, colour therapist and writer from a show business background. They have been running the Teacher training courses since the early 1990's. Both have been teaching and facilitating courses together and individually for over twenty years.

We create a safe and luxurious space where people can express who they truly are. Allowing them to express their hopes and desires. We work with the seven colours of the rainbow.

Each colour is related to a particular chakra (energy centre). For example red for the base chakra while indigo is the colour for the third eye chakra. Using music from around the world we explore the different areas in the body relating to the chakra system. The area around the hips is the sacral chakra and Egyptian music and movement contains highly sophisticated knowledge of this chakra.

Working with colour and movement helps to free up any blockages in the chakra system. Once we have become aware of where and how we are blocked we can work to release these blockages and become happier and more creative in so many ways. Our lives become more interesting and fulfilled.

We encourage participants to explore different gestures and movements which they would not normally use and see what they can learn about themselves from this. This work is done with a wonderful sense of fun, while drawing back any criticism or judgement of ourselves or others.

Upcoming dates:
Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd November 2019
To book please contact Marie using the details above



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