Celtic Meditation Retreat - A New Relationship with Ancient Wisdom

25/05/2017 to 28/05/2017
Arrivals start in the afternoon (time is not set at the moment)
The Boghill Centre, co. Clare
+44 75 1974 4208

This unique long-weekend Retreat is designed to nurture and transform your relationship with your self. Come and learn ancient Celtic methods for deep, gentle change, adapted for our present time by an inspired, friendly teacher, Kate, from a Lincolnshire-Irish family. Discover your soul's own power, using natural methods rooted in a loving respect for life; skills you can take home with you and use in your own meditations. You will receive illustrated notes and a C.D. to guide you. The Earthall™ Celtic meditation system is compatible with all spiritual paths and philosophies which honour the sacred energy in Nature and all life.

Cost €550 per person all inclusive, based on a shared room. Single rooms may be available for a supplemental fee.

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