Brigid's Way Pilgrimage - 9 day pilgrimage walk

01/07/2017 to 09/07/2017
Faughart, Co. Louth
Karen / 087 682 1664
see details below

This year Dolores Whelan and a team of volunteers will host and facilitate the 9 day pilgrimage. The Brigid of Faughart Festival Team will facilitate Day 1 of the pilgrimage.  Other guests will join us along the way and facilitate different aspects of the pilgrimage.

Karen Ward is taking time out from the Pilgrimage to complete her Ph.D. thesis.  We thank Karen for her wonderful commitment to Brigid's Way and wish her every blessing on her work.

In July 2017, the complete 9 day pilgrimage from Brigid's Holy well at Faughart, near Dundalk in Co. Louth, to Brigid's Monastic City Kildare.  We invite you to consider joining us on this wonderful spiritual journey (imram).  We, in Brigid's Way, understand also that this is a big commitment for anyone to make and it may not be possible for you this year and so we invite you to also consider walking a significant part of the pilgrimage.  For example, you might walk from Faughart to the Hill of Tara (the first 4 days of the pilgrimage) or from the Hill of Tara to Kildare (the last 5 days of the pilgrimage).
We also welcome people to join us for 1 or 2 or 3 days.  

Cost:  Brigid's Way is a voluntary group.  The facilitation fee covers the cost of the administration of the pilgrimage, which includes arranging accommodation, meals, transport, support cars etc. and the expenses for the facilitators of the pilgrimage.  

This fee is €25 per day for people requiring us to book accommodation and meals.  The fee is €15 per day for people who join us for a day and do not require us to book accommodation or meals for them.

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