Awareness Academy - Quantum Healing 1

27/10/2018 to 28/10/2018
Baldoyle Community Centre, Dublin 13
Jane / 085 231 2297

Quantum Healing is based on teaching of Richard Bartlett's Matrix Energetics and the power of quantum healing consists in the connection with the heart field, the field of the Universal Consciousness, to move into the fields of information. The content of the workshop is at the end of the description.

In other words, Quantum Healing is a healing of your entire life through the connection with the Universal Consciousness. You have to understand it first, then access it, and then to live with it in total harmony, you will be not only a part of, but you will Be Love, Compassion and Gratitude.

Every feeling, every emotion and every thought creates a change in our body chemistry at the subatomic level. And it is these quantum changes that create our state of health. Quantum healing explains why everybody has the ability to change the condition of their physical body regardless of age, health status or body type.

The magic of quantum healing (also called cellular healing) is based on one fundamental concept: Where thought goes, energy flows. And another one: Letting go.

This workshop is very practical, I will give you all information needed to understand how our world function on this subatomic level, no need to understand Quantum mechanics ;-) , I will show you how to connect with your Heart field, and how to operate from this field to heal whatever is needed - your health condition, relationship, workship, whatever you need to change in your life and the life of your beloved ones, other people and world. For this you have to be totally open, leaving all your old beliefs of how the world and life is working until now behind you.

But when you open yourself to the endless field of possibilities, you will realize and experience this Oneness, the connection with your Higher-Self and with the Source. You will finally realize Yourself as a unique creator of your life and you will finally realize that everything is in your hand and what more - you will finally know how to work with to literally change your life on every levels.

Price: € 220 through my website

Through Eventbrite the price is €231.43 ( € 11.43 Eventbrite fee )

What is included: light refreshment, a manual.

Saturday: 10 am - 5.30 pm lunch break 1 pm - 2.15 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 5.30 pm lunch break 1 pm - 2.15 pm


  • Short introduction to the Quantum theory
  • Quantum field - Heart field
  • How to get into Heart field
  • Work with the intent
  • How to work with yourself and others
  • Coding of the Intent
  • Archetypes
  • Harmonization of the water
  • Do we need to protect ourselves? - The secret about personal protection
  • Quantum modules - how to work with the Consciousness of the Universe
  • Time travel - Timeline
  • Parallel worlds
  • Working with 21 frequencies
  • Quantum "traffic light"
  • Quantum window
  • Working on distance
  • A lot of practical excercises.

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