Ancient Artefacts of Aztlan

Karuna Flame Centre, Cloonloo, via Boyle, Co. Sligo
Kris / 0858559652

ou are invited to the first presentation in Ireland regarding the ancient extraterrestrial presence on the Earth. For the first time we will display the material proof that humanity was visited by beings from other star systems in a very distant past.The author of this seminar will share with you the details of his expeditions to Central America and meetings with native indians, healers and keepers of ancient records.

   During these two and a half hour long seminar you will :

- Expand your consciousness with meditation
- Learn about the latest pyramid discoveries in Central America,
- Explore the connection between Olmec, Mayan, Aztec cultures and Star Nations
- See how the myths of Atlantis and prediluvian civilizations are reflected in ancient artefacts.
- Learn about little known artefacts, which predate pre-hispanic era and indicate a contact between natives and extraterrestrial beings more than 2000 years ago
- View firsthand the ancient and beautiful stone artifacts, which Kris found himself during his last expedition in Mexico. Rare opportunity to touch and feel the energy of the stones.
- See the results of lab tests confirming authenticity of the artefacts.
- See never-before presented film footage from his expedition

Booking essential; Contact: 0858559652

Onsite accommodation is possible, but you would need to request it.

Seminar includes two 15 min breaks with refreshments

Donation of minimum of €30; for family members, unemployed and retired €20/person.

Proceeds from this seminar go towards organisational costs, future expeditions, research and independent lab testing