Aerial Flow Yoga with Ilonka - 2018 courses and workshops

An Diseart, Green St, Dingle, Co. Kerry
Ilonka / 087 7416947
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 The courses and  workshops will provide an Introduction and Deepening   in this wonderful "uplifting" new style ofAERIAL FLOW YOGA !
A  very playful yet sometimes challenging way to vary one's  yoga practice.
Our "Inner Child" will have fun!
It combines elements of Dance,Pilates,Acrobatics and of course  Hatha-Yoga !
We will explore how this special style makes traditional yoga posrures (Asanas) easier and more achievable as the weight of the body is either partially or fully supported by a silky hammock, designed to hold up to 450kg.
The attractive  hammock comes in all colours!
It's a "prop" like a strap intended to assist alignment,deepen awareness,balance and provide the instant benefits of spinal Decompression! 
In this way we can create space and ease  in every respect  !
In general  the hammock is hip height ! 
In our workshop  on SUNDAYS emphasis will be  on a restorative,recuperative pratice!
Introduction into  'passive' stretches!
Here the hammock will be only a few inches off the ground! 
A most therapeutic and deeply relaxing practice - the workshops are suitable for complete beginners!
One day course: €45
Weekend course (incl. light lunch) : €85
8 week course: €130.


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