Using Homeopathy to beat the Winter Bugs and Blues!

Colds are a leading cause of missed days from work and school and most people succumb to at least one every winter. Colds and flu are caused by viruses, and using antibiotics to treat a viral infection doesn’t work. Actually by taking antibiotics we lower our immune system and symptoms can even worsen.

Occasionally antibiotics are required if there is a secondary bacterial sinus infection or bronchitis/pneumonia, but this is the rare exception. You must address nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress issues the moment you first feel yourself getting ill. In this fast paced modern world we tend to forget the basic needs our bodies have, and by recognising them as immune-enhancing strategies they will be very effective in helping fight a virus. Homeopathy can also play a part in helping to treat these illnesses, while at the same time assisting in building up your immune system.

Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to support you and your family’s health through the winter months. With homeopathy we strengthen the body’s vitality and encourage the immune system to respond naturally. This helps our body to alleviate the symptoms and restore our vitality. Accurately chosen remedies will help speed up recovery and here are some suggestions as well as some good practical advice. 

Colds and Flu: Believe it or not colds and flu are good for us although it may not feel that way at the time. It is the body’s way of detoxing. Make sure that you take some time to rest to let your body try and recover. Drink plenty of fluids and eat light, healthy food such as fruit and vegetables. This will go a long way to getting better quicker. A Vitamin C supplement can help boost your body’s immune system. Here are a few Homeopathic remedies that may help also.

Aconite - To be taken in the first 24-48 hours if the cold started after an exposure to a dry, cold wind or getting chilled. The mucous membranes will be dry especially the throat. You will feel worse if you are touched and in the evening and night and better during the day when you are up and about.

Allium Cepa - To be taken if you have a streaming cold where your eyes and nose are running constantly. The nasal discharge might only be on one side. You may also be suffering from a sore throat, headache and sneezing (worse when entering a warm room). The nasal catarrh will probably be burning and irritating your top lip. The watery eyes won’t be burning but they may be red rimmed and a little swollen. You will feel worse in the evening and in a warm stuffy room but better out in the fresh air.

Arsenicum - This will be a violent cold with burning watery nasal discharge and continuous sneezing. The eyes will be burning, red and watery and the nostrils will be red and sore. The lips may be cracked. If there is a fever it will be burning and dry alternating with chills. The flu may be accompanied by diarrhoea. The patient may be anxious and exhausted but will feel better with warmth and hot drinks.

Belladonna - This should be given in the early stages of a cold that may have started from getting the head wet and the symptoms will be sudden and violent. The patient will be feverish with heat, especially the face (maybe with redness,) alternating with chills. There will be frequent sneezing that may cause nosebleeds. There will be loss of taste and smell and there may be a throbbing headache with pains at the back of the head, in the eyes, forehead and temples. The patient will feel worse around 3pm and 3 am and feel better for resting in a dark room.

Gelsemium – For a cold or flu that comes on gradually and you feel dull and sluggish. Your face may be flushed but you will have chills up and down your spine. You may have a dull headache at the back of your skull and your head and body will feel heavy. If you have a fever it will be burning with shivering but there will be no sweating. You will not feel thirst and will feel very weak and shaky. You may ache in your back, arms and legs but especially your eyeballs. It is good for cold and flus that come on in spring as a result of the temperature rising.

The Irish School of Homeopathy can supply these remedies as part of a kit online at You can also buy them individually at Down to Earth . The School also runs an Introduction to Homeopathy workshop every few months to encourage people to learn more about using homeopathy and be able to support their own and their family’s health. Attending one of our very practical and inspiring workshops will teach you the skills essential for effective and safe home prescribing for common ailments.There are also a number of good books available including the School’s Handbook, Homeopathy- A Beginner’s Guide available for sale on their online shop for €13. To find out more check out our website or follow us on Facebook for weekly tips on how to stay healthy.