On Transformation

Transformation, in the simplest terms, is a process of restoring one’s system to its perfect balance point. This is the place where we use the least amount of resources to sustain the highest level of vitality. All living creatures are continuously seeking their perfect balance point. We are not always successful at achieving this condition but we are in a continuous state of attempting to get there.

Transformation is a process of recovering enough from past hurts and wounds that we are able to live in balance. It is a process of recovering enough so that we are no longer reactive to people and events in our environment. This recovery process is very specific and must take us into the world of particle physics. Most human beings especially in industrialized societies have developed survival or coping systems to get through their lives. Survival systems are based on self-preservation and not on perfect balance. In survival mode, it is as though we are pilots flying our planes through life but instead of taking direct routes to where we need to go, we fly around storms every day. The problem is that the storms do not exist in reality. They show up on the pilot’s radar because he or she is trying to avoid painful conditions that already happened.

The first step in the transformation process is to bring ones system into current reality. But this requires the conversion of subatomic particles. It mean that lower frequency particles that reflect past hurts and wounds must be converted into higher frequency particles that allow the person to perceive current reality. This is a process of resolving enough of the problems within the human personality and moving that energy into what might be called the Observer, the Spirit or the Presence. The human personality must feel relaxed enough and safe enough to stop flying around storms that do not exist and let the spirit fly the plane. The spirit is the one in each of us who knows what we can here to do and has no problem staying on course to fulfill that very personal mission.

What makes this transformation process even more difficult to achieve is that we live here on planet earth. Clearly we are not on the planet of light and love. Ten minutes of watching CNN news should remove any remaining doubts you might have. Getting involved in personal transformation means that we must consider where we do live and how the energy of this planet effects us every moment of every day. Most transformation programs are all about functionality or content.The programs are designed to help us look at ourselves and our lives, and possibly make changes and improvements. Surely gaining self-awareness is critical to the transformation process.

Then, we must also consider the structure of this place and the context in which we are attempting to transform. That context includes the energy of planet earth and all the heavenly bodies that are interacting with earth at any moment in time, which is an indefinite number. And if we look at this bigger picture what we will see that gravity is pulling us down, not lifting us up. For example, my father grew up with a mother who had a constant frown on her face. I watched him try desperately to please her and to make her smile. She did not like my father not did she want him as a child. She just had too much persona pain to have the resources needed to care for him. I watched my father try to make his mother smile right up until the day she died, leaving my father with an unresolved equation.

In 1948, my father married my mother. He married a woman with a frown on her face who did not like him, just like his mother. He married a very familiar face in many ways. My father married my mother in attempt to resolve the problem he carried with his own mother. He was desperately trying to resolve this unresolved equation that prevented him from being able to live in a state of emotional balance. What my father did not do was to go out and seek a woman who loved him and would smile at him every day. He did not look for someone who would be happy to live with him and enjoy his company. He sought instead to marry a woman who disapproved of him and frowned at him every day.

Why did he not go out and seek that happy, smiling, loving wife? He did not because he, like you and I, lived here on planet earth. And the energy of this place directs us to do exactly the wrong thing when we are attempting to solve a
problem. It is why people drink and smoke and marry people that do not love them. They are attempting to find the perfect balance point by doing exactly the wrong thing. This is the nature of gravity, something we have had to consider in the development of our balancing technology.

What this means is that the only real transformation takes place when we have enough higher vibration particles making up one’s consciousness so we are no longer susceptible to the forces of gravity that pull us down. This means that we are either going up away from the force of gravity or being pulled down. We are either acting on our own behalf to move forward and upward away from the forces of this place or we are being pulled deeper into this place. There is no standing still. We are either going up or going down.

The choice to move forward and transform can only be made by each of us as individuals. No one can make this choice for us. It means that you can own great homes, fabulous cars, diamond rings and all the latest fashions. You can be powerful and get all that you want out of the human world, all of which is great. But at the end of the day, transformation turns out to be the only game in town. The question will be, have you transformed enough of those lower frequency particles to break the hold of gravity and placed that Spirit (the one who was never born and the one who will never die) in that driver’s seat.

About the author: 

Mary Miller, MSW (RIP 2018) was an internationally known author and speaker - Mary and her associates opened a company now known as I Ching Systems, LLC. Their collective goal and dream was to create a technology that would restore emotional balance, and to break the legacy of suffering often passed on in families from one generation to the next.