Psychological Astrology and the June 2012 Venus transit

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How does your heart respond to the thought that the Universe is alive and compassionate and that with it and with other souls of great power and Light, you learn through the process of co-creating the reality that you experience?

Gary Zukav

Creativity is the intrinsic nature of this universe and beyond. The issue is not whether we are being creative, the pertinent issue at this major transitional point in our evolution is - how conscious are we of how and what we are creating?

Psychological Astrology

Psychological Astrology is one of many symbolic tools that can assist us in consciously expressing and manifesting our soul self on this planet. Based on the integration of the original meaning of Psychology, the study of the soul or spirit; and Astrology, the study of the constellations or stars, Psychological Astrology draws on mythology, depth psychology and spirituality to explore our individual birth chart as a map that can help us make joyful, expansive and soulful choices.

Our birth chart is the symbolical representation of the position of the Sun, Moon and the eight known planets that rotate around our Sun in the zodiac belt, at the exact moment and place of our birth. The planetary configurations in our chart do not determine our choices. They merely suggest ways, that are most aligned with our soul self, for us to express and manifest who we are on this earth plane of matter, as well as core themes and issues we have chosen to integrate in this lifetime. With free will always at the forefront, the unique configurations in our birth chart, remind us of the multitude of potential resources and talents we incarnated with, as well as opportune times to experience them in a co-creative manner, with the help of the transiting planetary energies.

Like a mandala, our unique astrological birth chart reminds us that we are an infinitesimal part of a greater whole through reconnecting us with our essential infiniteness and beyond, whilst offering us tools to consciously create as expansively as possible, within the apparent finiteness of our individual human form.

Venus Transit 2012

Venus Transit in front of Sun []

The planet Venus is associated with joyful and expansive creation through connecting  us with our inner sense of values and self-value. This will be particularly highlighted on June 6th when Venus will align itself in front of the Sun.[i]

Mythologically, the planet and deity named Venus by the Romans, evolved over time from being revered as Hathor by the Egyptians, Ishtar by the Babylonians, Chak Ek’ by the Mayans and Aphrodite by the Greeks. Throughout the ages her core attributes have included: love – particularly self-love, beauty, eroticism, sexuality, desire, relating, fun, enjoyment, attraction and adornment.

Psychologically, the position and sign of the planet Venus in our birth chart represents the manner in which we most easily access our self-value through discovering what we are attracted to, desire and find beautiful and pleasurable. For example if Venus is in Taurus our enjoyment of beauty in nature as well as connecting pleasurably with our  body can help us connect with our self-value and self-love.[ii] Although Venus is commonly regarded as the planet of love, it is predominantly concerned with love based on attraction and desire, unlike the Moon, whose qualities include maternal love.

In aligning itself between the Sun and the earth on June 6th, Venus will temporarily dim a large portion of the light of the Sun. Symbolically drawing our attention inward, she will assist us as individuals and as a collective to consciously reconsider what we truly value and if the choices we are making in all areas of our life are truly aligned with them.

Questions that may be helpful to ask, in the weeks leading up to this transit include:  what do I enjoy in myself, in my life, in general?  What do I find beautiful – in myself? What do I value?  What do I find desirable? Notice the music, clothes, environments and people you choose to be surrounded with in your life – do they reverberate with the answers to your questions? What creative choices might you wish to now make that may feel more loving for you?

As we all continue to co-create with the powerful transits of 2012, I leave you with a gentle reminder from the work channelled by Pat Rodegast: There is no greater wisdom than your own heart.

[i] This second part of a two part transit (part 1 took place on June 8th 2004) also  coincides with the almost exact square in the sky, between the planets Pluto and Uranus. See the previous edition of Network Ireland for more information on this transit. I will also be addressing it in future editions.

[ii] If you would like to know more about Venus in your sign feel free to have a look at the page on Venus in the Signs in the section on Media and Astrology Articles on my website


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Margaret works as a professional Psychological Astrology consultant, teacher, supervisor and workshop facilitator in Ireland, Hawaii and the US mainland. She also writes psychological astrology articles for astrology and psychotherapy publications in Ireland, the UK and the USA; and is a regular contributor to Network Ireland. Margaret is also a Reiki Master practitioner. She can be contacted via her website

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