News - Upcoming Holotropic Breathwork at Dunderry Park

Dunderry Park will be hosting its next Holotropic Breathwork TM weekend on the 19th-21st July. We talked to Martin Duffy about the healing potential of this therapy and what to expect from the weekend.

'We live in a society that is based on suppression rather than expression of our deeper selves, fortunately there are methods and means to redress this inbalance. "Holotropic" means moving towards wholeness, Holotropic Breathwork was created by Stan and Christina Grof by combining ancient holistic healing techniques from around the world, such as yogic breathing practices, sound, sacred music, chanting, drumming, and body oriented psychotherapy.

The Holotropic experience focuses on creating a non ordinary state of consciousness to give participants access to a deeper experience of themselves, helping them transcend the limits of ordinary consciousness and invoke the inner healer, therefore helping to heal deep seated issues within the body/mind and connecting to profound spiritual experiences. During a session people can access traumatic events from their past that are hindering them from living a fulfilling life in the present. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, heartache and loss have their origins in our unconscious mind.

Holotropic Breathwork helps bring these unexperienced experiences to the surface and by making the unknown known through expressing the strong emotions locked into the body/mind the person is healed in a deep and profound way, which often leads to a profound transformation in their daily lives. Typically the healing experiences can range from reliving birth trauma, clearing childhood hurts and alleviating physical ailments. Other Holotropic experiences can include Transpersonal encounters that are beyond the personal everyday ego awareness, such as transcendence of physical space and time, contact with other life forms, past life or synchronistic experiences and contact with archetypes or mythological realms.

The healing potential of non ordinary states of consciousness have been known to our ancestors for millennia and have their roots in shamanic cultures from all over the world. I am always amazed at the deep healing that happens when a safe space is held for people to express rather than repress their true nature.’

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