Living a Passionate Life

Let us lose sight of ourselves, and break the mirrors.
For the fierce curve of our lives is moving again to the depths
Out of sight, in the deep living heart.
D.H. Lawrence

When we connect with our hearts, we are living our passion. Passion is the flow of life that opens our hearts and propels us beyond any sense of limitation to create a life we love living. It is not dependent on anything outside of us but rather generated by our choice to align with that flow. Most of us want to live this way, but we are hampered by our sense of wounding not least of which is our feeling of being separate from the Divine. And although our earliest life experiences often diminish our ability to live from our essential self, they need not determine how we live our life. We need to learn how to heal our emotional wounds so we can release our life force and live our passion. And fundamentally, that healing comes from within. Always.
I am the captain of my soul. And I alone have the power to both heal myself and live my passion. My own journey towards wholeness is written in my books; I’ve learnt how our soul contracts, archetypal and family patterns, early lives and relationship experiences, all influence the way we live, and the way we love. We know that our earliest relationships form a template for future relationships, and that inner forces and archetypes are always at work in our lives. I also know that we live out of stories - belief systems that we carry around with us that unconsciously inform and animate our lives. I have lived this both as a therapist and a woman.

After the publication of my last book ‘Love in a time of Broken Heart’ in 2008, I devised a method of working which I call Healing From Within- and I began running workshops on this theme, using a synthesis of Jungian, depth psychology and spirituality to create inner healing. I am also informed by my training and experience in pre and perinatal psychology which teaches us that our earliest life experiences are formative.

Healing from within means travelling into the profound terrain of our souls. A challenging and ultimately rewarding journey, it is for all of us who want to live a passionate life.

Join us on June 6-8th 2014 at Dunderry Park, for my next residential workshop & retreat. Contact me on 0862840631 As soon as possible to book your place. .

About the author: 

Benig Mauger, B.A: Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, pre and perinatal psychologist and writer. In private practice, Benig is a pioneer in human consciousness and travels internationally to lecture, teach and run workshops. Author of 'Songs from the Womb-Healing the Wounded Mother', 'Reclaiming Father' and 'Love in a Time of Broken Heart-Healing From Within', Benig combines her training and experience in Jungian depth psychology with spiritual awareness to facilitate soul healing. Her work blends Therapy and Spirituality for healing and spiritual growth and is featured on her website

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