Juicing For Detox

Juicing is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to detox. With the advent of cheap, efficient juicers for the past ten or fifteen years it is now manageable for most people. Juices are not only delicious but deliver a high quantity of nutrients and enzymes to your body, with very little energy spent on digestion. Due to the fact that they contain no fibre they are very easy on the digestive system, meaning the body is able to devote energy to other important tasks that get put on the long finger until digestion is done; tasks such as repairing of cells, growth, elimination, maintenance of the immune system, and balancing the hormone system.
There are a few points well worth considering. In the first instance it is worth while buying a good juicer and doing the juicing yourself rather than buying bottled juice. There are good juices available, with a lot of nutritional value, but we mostly cannot know what type of ingredients and what type of juicers are involved. There are on-going debates about the comparative value of blending juicers, centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers. In my opinion the best option is to go for the masticating variety. This is what most detox centres use, and gives you the benefit of knowing that the juice is certainly high quality, with no heat build-up and the enzymes are preserved, meaning it is a living, vibrant juice. 
In the second instance it is also worth ensuring that the produce you are using is of the highest quality. Therefore it would be fresh and organic. Again, while arguments rage about the merits of organic versus conventional farming, the surest bet is to go for what we know is free of chemicals. Like sugars, chemicals in solution enter the bloodstream a lot quicker than when ingested with fibre. I myself would never juice anything but organic produce. To me it just wouldn’t make sense. 
Thirdly, consider what you are trying to achieve with juicing. This will help you to decide on whether you are going to enter into a period of taking juices only, or are going to integrate juices with ordinary healthy eating. If your intention is to detox then it’s better to consume juices only, for however long you decide you are going to detox. Detoxing can be done for any length of time, within reason. Several days, or a week are perfectly manageable and the result will astonish you. You can feel clarity of mind, lightness of body, and energetic like you haven’t felt in a long time.
About the author: 
Dhara Kelly has been running Cloona Health Retreat, located near Westport, County Mayo, for thirty years. Cloona is Ireland’s only dedicated detox retreat centre. A range of different retreat options is offered, including Weight-loss, Liver and gall-bladder Flush, Energy, and the normal detox retreats, all run along the same lines, including yoga, walks, a light diet, saunas and a selection of treatments.
For more on Cloona and the courses on offer see www.cloona.ie
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