Healing your Inner Wounds is your Soul’s Purpose

Who are you and what are you supposed to be doing while you’re in this body, on this planet? This is the biggest question of all questions that could ever be asked. At a spiritual level we know there is no definitive answer, but at a personal level it usually comes down to which career you choose: for example are you a teacher, or an entrepreneur? Many people get in touch with me asking me to read their energy and tell them what they’re supposed to be doing with their lives. They get disappointed when I tell them that I believe the purpose of our soul goes well beyond what we do for a living, or should I say, what job we do for money. Over time I've learned that really being present in in our lives, experiencing the richness of every moment in its fullness and taking the learning from it is why we are here. To become the best version of ourselves is the main purpose of our existence. Whatever we do or create while we are doing that, is a bonus.

I believe some people are here to bring humankind forward somehow through science, art or humanitarian works. These beings have a mission - the Dalai Lama, for example, is a spokesperson for kindness; Amma is the embodiment of pure, unconditional love. In order to do this, perhaps their souls are at a different frequency, however most of us are not at the same level or configuration in that respect. So most of us are here to experience life through the filter of our personality, our character and our experiences, and the amount of wounding we carry impacts us on all of these things. Therefore, in my opinion, our real purpose is to connect with our inner light, clear and cleanse it, and shine it as bright as we can.

Your inner light is the true essence of who you are. It’s your life force energy, the quality of your presence. This inner light shines through when you’re happy, it’s the light behind a person’s eyes. That’s why we are so drawn to babies, their light is so bright it’s a pleasure to be nearby. We are multi-dimensional beings; we work in energetic dimensions as well as in this material reality. I believe that once you dedicate yourself to clearing and cleansing your inner light, to doing your own personal inner healing work, as you heal, your energy purifies and spreads love and goodness in all the other dimensions you reside in as well.

Perhaps we will never know the extent to which we influence consciousness. We will probably never truly understand the extent of consciousness itself, either. When your light is brighter it is further reaching, and what you create brings more light into the world. When you heal your inner wounding, let go of heavy stuck vibrational energy and have more presence in the world, you have a higher quality of life force energy, so the amount of light you hold is denser, and brighter. This means that whatever you do - whether that be you singing in the shower, painting a work of art or laughing at a silly movie – also creates light.

Your brain isn’t designed to run on feelings, it runs on analysis based on information, and most of us live a life where our minds run on overdrive. Your mind sends your life force energy into all of the things outside of you, to get information about them, so you can make judgement calls. This depletes your life force energy. When you have a low level of life force energy you spend more time worrying because you are trying to protect what little life force energy you have left, which feeds into the cycle and depletes you further. This is exhausting, and is why I believe the mind can’t let something that troubles you go – it keeps returning to it, trying to unravel it and find more answers. However what you’re actually looking for isn’t the information, it’s your life force energy.

When you live like this all the time it gets more and more difficult to anchor yourself in the present moment, in your body. Unexpected small things upset you more than they should because you’re low on energy, making you low on resources to handle the situation. Low level anxiety becomes your way of being, and if it goes on for an extended period, it turns into high level anxiety which can turn into anxiety attacks, which can turn into a full blown panic attack. This is very scary, and really disempowering. Living with anxiety takes away from your inner light as you’re spending the little energy that you do have trying to stay calm and manage your life. Worse still, you can stop caring, feel dull, lost, without joy. Depressed.

We were designed to live wholeheartedly, not just from our mind. To feel our feelings, to listen to our gut instinct and to use the mind to make sense of the feedback, not do all the work for us. The safer you feel in your body and allow yourself to feel how you’re really feeling (and not just how you think you’re feeling), the more connected you become to your body. There are ways you can train yourself to do this, eg mindfulness is a great way to give your brain a rest too, especially if your poor brain is working on overtime! When you bring mindfulness into your body, well, that’s what really helps start you on the path to reconnection. And when you do the work of healing and releasing the pain you carry connected to your inner wounding, you can get deeper into your body, become comfortable in it , and tune into all of the resources that you have, working with all of them and not just with your mind. Your anxiety levels decrease, you become more present in the moment, and less in a loop of your thoughts. To get here involves doing your inner work, releasing stuck energies from the body and transmuting them so you can be clear of them and shine your light brighter. Back to that soul’s purpose – to really bring your presence into the moment, and into the world. In my new book, Heal your Inner Wounds, I give you a roadmap to do exactly this – to learn how to trust your body, to trust this reality, to get your power back, to let go of the heavy, stuck emotions, and to enable you to become more empowered and present in your life.

It always comes back to the quality of your presence. If you're always in your head and out of your body, you’re not experiencing what your heart is experiencing, you’re not connecting to your gut instinct. You miss what’s already buried inside you, the longings, the passions, what lights you up. A wholehearted life is one you put your whole heart into. A vibrant life is where your light is shining brightly most of the time. And it feels so good to be lit up! Only you know what it is that lights you up by your experiencing it, and that may change as you get older, as you tire of something, or as you grow. There is no one thing that you are supposed to do while you are in your body, in the world, in your life, except for really, truly, live.

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Abby Wynne is an author of many books including “How to Be Well” and the bestselling “One Day at a Time Diary”. Her newest book “Heal your Inner Wounds” available in Ireland in May 2019. Find out more about Abby and what she can offer you on your journey of healing on her website: www.abby-wynne.com