Healing with an Open Heart

Opening the heart allows our inner wisdom and true self to fully shine. The ways of being a true and clear healing channel is to work with an open heart and to allow the channels to flow freely. Intuition flows freely and unreservedly when the heart chakra is open. The heart chakra links up to the throat chakra and to the ears. The ears link to the telepathic centres and to the voice of wisdom.

The heart meridian flows from the heart along each arm and terminates at the end of the little finger. The pericardium channel which the traditional oriental acupuncturists considered a separate organ, (being the emotional body of the heart), ends in the middle finger, flows via the palm. There is a triangular shaped region in the centre of each palm called the heart palm chakra . This is the hand communication region of the body, for channeling energy, no matter which healing system is used. When the heart chakra is open the telepathic centres are open and we can access the voice of our inner most self, the voice of spirit, the voice of our inner guide, and the voices of the spirit guides which are with us at all times.

When we silence the chatter of our minds we can also more easily access this deep communication. When we have busy minds full of chatter we block this voice of wisdom. In the traditional cultures there have always been ways to access what are known as “altered states of consciousness”, otherwise known as “non-ordinary states of consciousness”, or enhanced states of consciousness. These methods are still very much practiced in many parts of the world. Buddhist and Christian monks, the Hindu priests, and shamans, the Mamus of South American indigenous people, the African, and also our own traditional people, the Druids, and the Celts used meditation, breathwork, silence, drumming, fasting, herbal plants, teas, and specific foods to access deep contemplation. In Eastern Countries, such as China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, use of Acupuncture and Qi Gong, and in India, Yoga, were used and are still used to bringing about spiritual awareness and deep contemplation.

Different systems of breathing also help to reach enhanced states of awareness enabling us to access parts of our minds otherwise locked of. Holotropic Breathwork is a system which was developed by Dr. Stanislov Grof in the 60s whereby he took from many of these ancient civilizations methods where these enhanced states could easily be achieved. The dream-time states which the aboriginal communities still operate from were once the norm in the society of Australia. There they were and are still in constant communication with open hearts and pure telepathic channels to the spirit world and to their inner guides. Deep healing and deep insights can occur when we open our hearts.

Past incarnational information can be imparted while delving into the unconsciousness mind. For many people is direct access to the Divine, and this is important to help them find their way through the maze and the mystery of life. In current times with all the hectic high energy of modern western culture, the closure of our hearts seems to be in order so as to survive this harsh fast world of business and industrialization. Our intuitive natures are not as honoured as they used to be by both ourselves and our society. Living in concrete jungle where the force of Nature is often far removed, does not help those people who have no other choice of dwelling place. The beauty of nature and of Mother Earth is missing and as such the ability to maintain this open heartedness can be very challenging.

Never has there been such a need for groups and communities of people who are able to access these states of innate wisdom which will help to guide them and counter balance the negative closed hearted energy of modern ‘civilization’. By holding this energy within ourselves, by keeping our telepathic centres of communication open, to receive the wisdom from our ancestors and from our own innate higher wisdom, we can also help to keep ourselves and our loved ones well and strong during this tumultuous time of change, and transformation.

About the author: 

Kate Curtis works as a healer, acupuncturist, herbalist and has her practice in County Wicklow in Greystones, and Kilmacanogue. She holds classes in Taichi, chigong and Meditation, and co-facilitates Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Wicklow.
phone. 087 2325383

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