Book review: Ripples on the Water – Bob Moore’s Spiritual Impulse

‘Ripples on the Water’  - Bob Moore’s Spiritual Impulse

Edited by Annette Ikast

Published in September 2019 by Books on Demand   ISBN: 978-87-4301-712-7

“Ripples on the Water” is an appreciation of the life and work of Bob Moore, a gifted healer and spiritual teacher born in Northern Ireland. It is a collection of 28 chapters written by long time students, and also contains an extract of his teachings and a biography. Between 1974-2000 Bob taught many students both at his center in Denmark, and in England, Holland, Norway, Switzerland and Brazil. Bob’s teachings about energy, healing and consciousness were unique in their depth, precision honesty and wisdom.

Doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers, priests, artists and alternative therapists were amongst the many people who benefitted from his work. He was a catalyst who helped transform the spiritual climate in Denmark; although Bob had a Christian background his teaching reflected the spiritual dimension that exists beyond all religions.

Bob Moore was born in 1928 and grew up in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland where he worked for much of his adult life as an electrical engineer. As a young man in his 20’s he was always interested in helping others and had a vision that he would become a missionary and go out into the world.  In order to become a missionary, he had to become a minister, and so for some years he studied in the evenings for the ministry within the Presbyterian Church whilst he was a student and later on whilst he was working.

Some intense personal experiences led him to leave the church and begin an in-depth study of energy, healing and spirituality. He developed this over many years and in his spare time used his unique clairvoyant abilities to help many people. Each summer from 1969-1974 Bob and his wife taught courses on Healing at Stanstead Hall in Essex and it was here they met Danish students.

They ended up by moving to live permanently in Denmark 1974 and it was here that Bob’s work flourished and that he attracted many hundreds of students to his courses both at Psykisk Center in Ringkobing and abroad.

Bob Moore had a precise and detailed understanding of energy, healing and human beings. Although he appeared ordinary and was very unassuming, he radiated spaciousness and expressed a tolerance, wisdom and love that deeply touched people who met him. Bob’s teaching about healing and the connection to higher consciousness, the deeper aspects of life, energy, and the aura structure brought understanding and inspiration to his many students. He passed on meditations and energy awareness exercises that gave students the means to transform suffering, develop their own feeling connection to energy, learn through experience and intuition, and build up a connection to their essence. He placed the spiritual qualities of an individual at the centre of his teaching, emphasising that each individual has a spiritual layer in their aura that contains one or two of the seven spiritual rays with their specific qualities and that these are never affected by suffering and emotions.

Bob Moore sensed that the world was heading for challenging times and worked tirelessly until his retirement in 1999 to help people develop awareness, compassion and understanding and pass this on in their own fields of work. The book’s title Ripples on the Water is most appropriate; 28 of Bob’s long-term students share how his personal influence and teachings continue to spread out through their own work and lives.

I studied with Bob Moore between 1978-1999 and contributed one of the chapters to the book. I have taught Healing Art workshops since 1999 in Kilkenny area.

Ripples on the Water – Bob Moore’s Spiritual Impulse edited by Annette Ikast was originally published in Danish in August 2018. Both English & Danish editions are available on