Amma Dublin visit 2012

You’re in luck if you’re looking for something special to do in Dublin this weekend, as Mother Amma makes a trip to the National Show Centre.

Maura Russell, part of the volunteer team at Amma Ireland, expects a large turnout over the weekend. ‘I remember hearing about Amma in the 1990s from some friends who’d encountered on her on their travels. I then got the chance to go see her and spend twelve days on retreat in her ashram in America. She first came to Ireland in 2004 and has been very well-received on every visit’.

Over the past month, Amma has toured much of Europe, going from Switzerland to Spain, Italy, and France. Her visit to Dublin will make up the final part of this trip. Amma is known worldwide as the ‘hugging saint’ and over the course of the weekend thousands will experience her embrace. Maura explains that there is much more at the event, ‘this is a big event, and so there is a big energy that goes along with it. Before and after meeting Amma there will be lots to see and do, you can relax and have a tea or coffee, get a massage, or take part in guided meditations’.

Doors will open tomorrow morning, Saturday 17th November at 9am and the event will run through the day on Saturday and Sunday. Full details including travel information can be found at Amma Ireland's information page.

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