5 reasons we all need a Digital Detox

How much of your personal life do you share online? A recent study showed that people are increasingly using facebook, and other social networking sites to regulate their emotions by sharing personal life events on a frequent basis with the hundreds of friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even strangers they are connected to online. Whilst this makes us feel good, there may be unforeseen consequences for us emotionally, and socially. Here are five of the best reasons to put your phone down, unplug, and reconnect with yourself.

1.    We are too connected to the opinions of others.


Think about it, if we constantly allow other people to tell us what we’re worth - what happens when a status update or photo goes ignored? While social media can connect you to a world of life affirming comments, it also can connect you with those who aren’t so approving, or those who don’t care. Ultimately, whether other people’s opinions of you are good, bad, or indifferent, relying on what they think to determine how you feel about yourself makes you more vulnerable and less capable of maintaing your self esteem.


2. We are less capable of having real conversations.


Be honest - when was the last time you had a full, uninterrupted conversation with a friend that didn’t involve someone a) Checking their Facebook b) Taking a Selfie. c) Messaging other people. Our smart phones have become such a part of who we are, that at times, we use them to ignore what is right in front of us - genuine human interaction. One can’t help but wonder what the long term effects of this are, or if we’ve already lost our ability to truly be in the moment with someone.


3. We are suffering from information overload.


Information used to be a scarce commodity - if you really wanted to know something you would have to go to the library, or look it up in an encyclopaedia. The internet has made information more accessible, and that’s great, but the trouble is when we we have access to so much information that we can’t process any of it, and we move on to the next article or status update before we can do anything with it. What happened to reading a good book or watching a full documentary and discussing it with a friend?


4. Our privacy has disappeared.

In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, said that privacy is no longer a social norm. Five years later, it’s become clear just how true that statement has become. One only has to look at the Jennifer Lawrence photo leak, to know that we share with our friends privately, isn’t safe from hackers, snoopers or creepers. Google probably knows you better from your search history than many of your friends or family. Don’t we have to question how healthy that is?


5. We need fun, non digital hobbies!

When was the last time you left your phone at home, and did something completely new? We’re putting together a Digital Detox weekend workshop in Dunderry Park, Co. Meath from the 14th to the 16th of August. There will be crazy fun activities and strictly no phones. We’ll have Mindfulness Meditation, Laughter Yoga, An Interactive workshop with birds of prey, owls, eagles and falcons, and traditional storytelling, art and much more! All food and accommodation in the beautifully restored Georgian house is included. Go on - unplug and treat yourself!


Call Emily on 0877472147, email [email protected] or log on to dunderrypark.com for more info.