William Meader - weekend workshop Cork - Forerunner of the Light

10/11/2018 to 11/11/2018
9:45am - 5pm each day
Rochestown Park Hotel, Rochestown Road, Cork
Gerard / 0879402090

The crises now facing humanity are remarkably similar to the events that determined the fate of ancient Atlantis. Yet unlike the catastrophic demise that befell that ancient land, there is reason to be hopeful of a vastly different outcome today. For many years, a group of countless souls from the Inner Ashram has been coming into incarnation. Collectively known as the Forerunner of the Light, they represent all people who are consciously walking the Path and seeking to bring Light into the world. This noble group is truly the hope & promise of the future. They are the vanguard for the externalization of the Hierarchy of Masters — an event not seen for countless millennia.

 During this weekend gathering we will look very deeply into the nature of this group, & the power they wield on behalf of humanity’s future. We will also consider the forces arrayed against their efforts. When we wisely navigate such challenges, humanity will surely enter into its divine heritage. You will learn a variety of skills & techniques that will enrich your capacity to be a more effective forerunner at this pivotal time in human history