William Meader - evening talk Ennis - Practical Mysticism

7:30 pm - 9:40 pm 
Temple Gate Hotel, The Square, Ennis, Co. Clare
Gerard / 0879402090

Practical Mysticism:
~ The way of the future ~

For centuries, mysticism has been a major force in our quest to experience God and the spiritual dimension of life. Our yearning to find relationship with the Divine is ancient, and has been an instinctual impulse within us since the dawning hour of humankind. Though mysticism has been the emphasis of the past, it is gradually evolving into a new and more enlightened approach to God and our understanding of spiritual living. This new approach has been called Practical Mysticism. To be a Practical Mystic, an individual must be inwardly oriented toward the soul, while at the same time focused on practical action in the outer world. In this presentation, the nature and application of Practical Mysticism will be presented. Methods for blending love and mind will be discussed, as well as a more enlightened understanding of spiritual service.