TARA Approach healing - training courses in Ireland

16/10/2017 to 23/10/2017
Star of the Sea Retreat Centre, Mullaghmore, Co.Sligo
Marian / 087 2213686
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Developed by Neuroscientist Dr. Stephanie Mines, PhD, the TARA Approach is a clinically tested paradigm, integrating Neuropsychology with a simple meridian based touch system. It is a healing system with four unique attributes:

  • It differentiates shock from trauma.
  • It is self-care and empowerment based. Its purpose is to allow everyone to be in the centre of his or her own healing process.
  • It advocates and teaches the use of subtle energy medicine in combination with an attuned delivery of language as the most effective treatment of shock and trauma.
  • It can be adapted to serve virtually any population. Dr. Mines has focused her research, writing and service thus far on: Survivors of shock and trauma; Pre and PerinatalPsychology and the prevention of birth shock; Chronic health conditions; Neurodiversity and Sensory Integration disturbances; and the children and families of war.

The TARA Approach combines Jin Shin Tara, a subtle energy system based on the Extraordinary Meridians, with the use of language that is sensitive to the nervous system of the recipient.

Anybody seeking to enhance their innate potential, and learn about this unique healing system, whether for their own self care, or to share with others in a therapeutic setting, is most welcome to attend. Stephanie combines her highly informed professionalism with her warm and light hearted personable nature, creating a nurturing environment for all who share in the workshops.

“Stephanie is a natural born teacher/healer. Her embodied sense of self and lightheartedness creates a safe container for growth and learning.”

~Philomena Hunt, Psychotherapist/Counselor


Classes held at Star of the Sea Retreat Centre, Mullaghmore, Co.Sligo

TARA Foundations - October 16-20, 2017

Dr. Mines is dedicating this Foundations program to the power of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. New as well as returning students will be bathed in what makes the TARA Approach utterly unique. The treatment pathways we utilize are the very ones designed to resolve core issues. This energy medicine is your birthright. When you match it with the TARA dialogues that increase awareness, you receive what belongs to you ~ the healthy life you were born to live. $800USD

TARA Practicum - October 21, 2017

This day of practice is set aside so that TARA students can integrate their fundamental learning and also so that they can prepare to become certified practitioners. Full details about the certification process are available on our website. $250

Advanced Training: Your Structure Tells Your Story - October 23-26, 2017

At the request of TARA Approach students this four day advanced training focuses on how the TARA Approach can be used for issues of alignment, movement and structural ailments, particularly when they are chronic, and cranial treatment. Dr. Mines approaches these questions from a comprehensive standpoint. The TARA Approach Advanced Training offers stunning insight into alignment disorders alongside cutting edge subtle treatment interventions. Students will see, for instance, how positioning in utero and at birth shapes structural development. Students receive training manuals dedicated to this field. $700

WEBSITE TO REGISTER: http://www.tara-approach.org/events/
FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT: [email protected]
Or to speak to a TARA representative in Ireland contact 087 2213686

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