Spiritual Psychotherapy Workshops

26/01/2020 to 23/02/2020
1pm - 5pm
Wexford St, Dublin
Shelly / 087 779 2643

This workshop will help to raise your vibration and frequency so you can move through limitations and heal any obstacles in the way of living a deeply meaningful and fulfilling spiritual life. Through affirmation, prayer, meditation and process work you will learn to embrace your full potential and bring this into your life.

In a Spiritual Psychotherapy workshop we begin by meditating and channeling spiritual energy into the room so we can create a high vibrational healing energy field so that just being in the room is healing and giving the cells in our bodies a spiritual cleanse, releasing blocks and tension in our energy field.

When this work is done in a group setting the energy that comes through can be particularly strong.

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January 26th 2020
February 23rd 2020