Shamanic Ceremonial Workshop - "A Path of Heart: The Beauty Way"

01/07/2017 to 04/07/2017
Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow
Brendan Lynch / 087 3964541
€245 (€210 early bird)

This is a call to the healers, teachers, story tellers, artists, musicians and dreamers. To awakened souls who wish to stand in their power with constancy of heart. To those who wish to give birth to a new paradigm of hope, heart and beauty.

We would like to invite you to a ceremonial retreat held by teacher and medicine woman Arwyn DreamWalker. Sitting in council together, we will open up to the Heart of Creation and interconnectedness of all life. We will access what is truly important – our relationship to our hearts, our soul, our communities, and nature. The intent of this ceremonial retreat is for personal and collective transformation. Empowered to deepen into our soul’s purpose, we will return to our communities, with renewed vision, heart and hope.

Arwyn Dreamwalker is a seer, dreamer and healer of the Shamanic traditions, Celtic and American. She holds a PHD in psychology and has worked as a psychologist, family therapist and teacher for over 30 years. She is the founder of the Morning Star Temple mystery school.


€245 (€210 if booked by 14th May)

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