Sacred Geometry Intensive 2017 - residential workshop with Scott Onstott and Geoff Fitzpatrick

28/10/2017 to 29/10/2017
5pm Friday - 4:30pm Sunday
Dunderry Park, Robinstown, Co. Meath
Geoff / 086 8533744
Cost: €500 (includes workshop, accommodation, and meals) - discounts available

For millennia geometers have been trying to reconcile the square and the circle, by length or area, trying to bring these two penultimate symbols of straight and curved, rational and transcendental, known and unknowable, together. Even though it was proven in the 19th century that “squaring the circle” exactly is impossible, that didn’t stop geometers from continuing to find approximations because the drive to square the circle is part of the human soul. It is the desire to reconcile opposites, to find balance within duality and bring order from chaos.

Join us in Dunderry Park in October for the Sacred Geometry Intensive - co-hosted by Geoff Fitzpatrick ( and Scott Onstott (, where you can access extraordinary states of mind simply by drawing with pencil, straightedge & compass and adorning what you’ve drawn with natural materials; move beyond talk into life-changing transpersonal experiences in a safe space where you can connect with your own inner-healing intelligence; and see how everything around you is in a very real way interconnected by perceiving all-pervasive patterns of geometric order surrounding our lives.

Metatron's Cube has been amongst the most created at Geoff's workshops over the last 10 years.

Metatrons Cube has many qualities; we will explore:

  • Balance and Harmony:  Metatron combines circles and straight lines in a way that harmonises opposites. Day - Night, Masculine - Feminine are expressed and reconciled within this shape.
  • Natures Building Blocks: Metatrons Cube births the building blocks of material reality. It facilitates the emergence of the platonic solids which are encoded in natures primarily forms, elements, atoms and molecules.
  • Interdimensional Metaphor: One of the most fascinating qualities is how Metaron’ Cube shows us movement from a 2 dimensional drawing on a page to the arising of a 3 dimensional form in the emergence of the platonic solids. More interestingly Metatrons Cube invites us to view a higher dimensional form called a Tesseract. In this regard Metatron can be viewed symbolically as a tool for moving between dimensions.
  • Transcendence Tool: Ultimately Metatrons Cube shines brightest by changing our inner state in ways that expand our reality envelopes.

In this workshop you will experience:

Projection Mapping: Meditate upon a 10ft square projection mapped Metatrons Cube .
Geometric Drawing:
Learn first hand how to draw Metatrons Cube in pure geometry (much easier than you might expect).
MANDALA Creation: Create a large 10ft square metatrons cube using sand, crystals and natural materials with the traditional tools of the Tibetan Monks.
Guided Meditations: Meditation upon Metatrons Cube has an ineffable quality imbued with a pleasing sense of expanding the inner horizon.