Radical Presence Living Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

24/11/2019 to 30/11/2019
4pm arrival / 12pm departure
Andalusia, Spain
Marta / +353 872031764
detailed below

Radical Presence Living Retreats is part of a life experience space for awakening to our real and simple nature. This doesn’t mean acquiring something new, but rather remembering the harmony that lies within us, the pure beauty that is available, connected to one another and to nature.

The vision of Radical Presence Living Retreats is to offer a spacious sense of relief and deep rest through reconnection with self, other and nature for rejuvenation through deep healing, community and renewed purpose.

  • Is there a sense of despair in the face of the overwhelming enormity of our global situation?
  • Would you like to learn how to connect with the grounded, empowered and potent aspects within you?
  • Are your personal issues holding you back from being balanced, free and light of heart?
  • What would it be like to savour the moment rather than being hostage to past or future anxieties?
  • Would you like your personal connections to be more satisfying, meaningful and nourishing?

Alienation, paralysis and our modern-day life divorce us from our natural way of being. Preoccupation with technology, the pressures of surviving in life (overwork, finances, managing family life etc), challenging relationships, poor sleep, a lack of nutritious foods, isolation and our own traumas are some of the issues we face. On top of these issues, we may be overwhelmed with approaches to well-being and healing, and may be so paralysed or confused that we do not know what will truly benefit us; or having tried something, find that it did not offer longer term, deep and integrated change.

Four Components:

Marta Fabregat and Simon McKibbin are facilitating a series of retreats in Spain and Ireland with a blend of Mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication and the Focusing approach, within the context of deep relationship with nature in community.

We don’t need to go beyond who we really are to reap the benefits of deep and lasting healing.


Radical Presence Living Retreats are designed to foster self-discovery, an invitation to an intimate inner resting.
As Gene Gendlin said from the world of Focusing ‘every part in us has it’s own innate healing mechanism.’ This element is what makes Presence, Radical. We just need to know how to support those parts in us (and others) safely and with space, learning to come into a Grounded Aware Presence (GAP) invites a full relationship with our sensing, emotional, social and spiritual bodies. In this way we come to fnd ourselves, to come truly home to ourselves without any form of fixing or manipulation, a natural and deeply satisfying process shared with others.

Highlights of the Retreat

  • Daily morning meditations.
  • Silent walks and nature connection through earthing & forest bathing experience.
  • Time for rest and replenishment in a very special natural setting.
  • Guided learning and experiential teachings on Radical Presence:


*Nonviolent Communication


  • Qi Gong.
  • Breath guided meditations.
  • Soul Painting – Remembering our creative nature.
  • Circle singing and dancing.
  • 3 vegetarian meals daily & free tea and fruit throughout the day.
  • 6 nights accommodation.

The retreat is for you …

  • If you are looking into deepening your understanding on Mindfulness, Nonviolence and self healing.
  • If you want to awaken your creativity and spontaneous nature through individual and community exploration.
  • If you are looking for tools and resources to sustain you in your everyday life.
  • Feel a longing to reconnect with your true and authentic self.
  • If you are a seeker
  • If you are concerned about the planet and all its living beings and you are looking into reconnecting your essence to bringing more loving action in your environment and community.

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Retreat Details


The retreat starts on the 24th of November, arrival time after 4 pm and dinner at 7 pm and departure on the 30th of November 12 pm.

A beautiful town in the South of Spain. This is a one hour forty five minutes from Malaga and one hour from Granada airport. The address of Hidden Paradise is kept secret and only available for retreat participant
If you have booked a retreat at Hidden Paradise, you will receive the “how to get here” if you need it.

We will send a registration form upon request.

For bookings:
[email protected]
and visit:

or fill out this registration form with your details


The cost of the retreat include...
Training costs: all expenses like travel, administration, handouts and training fees.
Sliding scale / Training costs from € 550 / € 750
You can choose to offer your contribution from low to comfortable available expenditure.
*Low expenditure if unemployed or in low income, part time job.
*Comfortable expenditure if in full time job, living in norther Europe and if you are able to afford
luxuries like holidays abroad, etc.
Lodging at Hidden paradise:
• Single room and full board €75 per day, a total of €450
• Shared room and full board €60 per day, a total of €360