Paul Rebillot's 'The Hero's Journey' workshop

06/07/2019 to 12/07/2019
The 'Slí an Chroí' Centre, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow
Fergus / 021-4505711

Do you have a sense that there could be more to life than you are living right now? Do you experience an inner yearning for further evolution?

‘The Hero’s Journey’ workshop gives us a chance to come into contact with our own internal call for transformation - to listen to the call that comes from our deepest self. The essence of the Hero, as understood by Paul Rebillot, is the potential in every human being - women and men - to hear and respond to that call.

Paul Rebillot’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ workshop is based on the pattern of the universal ‘monomyth", as described by Joseph Campbell, and is an exciting group structure involving a rich combination of Gestalt process and group-work with elements of myth, theatre, ritual, music, art and movement.

We discover the Hero within us and - having heard a Call to Adventure - we set off with her or him on a journey of exploration in our inner world.

On the journey our Heroic Self encounters our inner Demon of Resistance. There is a confrontation between these two aspects of ourselves, an ordeal, a resolution and an integration. Returning to the world of every-day things we explore how this inner transformation can continue to work in our lives beyond the workshop.