Pathway teaching - Healing the Wounded Spirit with White Elk Medicine Woman and Unity Star

06/01/2018 to 07/01/2018
Oranmore, Co. Galway
Melanie / 0860371353
€220 (see link above to book)

We are extremely honoured and delighted that a truly gifted grandmother/ healer from the Cree/Salteaux Nation will be joining us with another amazing grandmother Unity Star in Ireland in January for a 2 day workshop on the 6th and 7th January 2018.

Here are details of the workshop:

“Healing the Wounded Spirit” … This is a special opportunity for ‘healing your ‘spirit’ and receiving ‘messages from your loved ones…from the Spirit World.

The workshop will include:

Saturday 6th:

  • Relationship with Self/Others
  • Healing Our Past – One Step at a Time
  • The Sacred Steps of Forgiveness
  • Introspection into Re-Birth
  • Sharing Circle – Forgiveness Exercise – Life Choices (My Sacred Path)

Sunday 7th:

  • Mother and Father (Teachers to You)
  • An in-depth look at your ancestry timelines for healing…the struggles, pain…
  • Who Am I (My Connection with Self)
  • Healing Discovery Through Traditional Ancestors
  • Creating Your Own Talking Stick

“You are welcome to bring your own stick and any special crystals that are special to you”

***We will provide workshop materials. ***Light snacks included***Bring Water***

About the Grandmothers:

Rosie Trakostanec/ White Elk Medicine Woman

Published Author/Transformational Speaker/30 yrs.’ experience in the ‘art’ of quieting the        thoughts…the sacred ‘Red Road of Shamanism’ and traditional healing…since childhood…

Patricia Wiffen/Grandmother Unity Star

 A ‘gifted healer’ with strong ‘intuition’…a blessing to have in anyone’s’ circle. …Her name Unity Star was given to her, through a sacred building of a ‘sweat lodge’…A ‘gift’ from the ancient Star People …our very old ancestors…the historians…

Cost per person 220 Euro. Non-refundable booking fee of 50 Euro required to book place.

***To book please contact Melanie on 0860371353 or contact us via email***

Limited one to one sessions are available on Monday 8th January with both the Grandmothers. 50Euro a session.

Please contact us to book.

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