Pathway teaching - Healing with the Grandmothers

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Dublin, Galway, Waterford, & Northern Ireland
Melanie / 353(0)86 8525529
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Healing Your Spirit – *** The Wounded Wheel ***

Come and sit in a sacred space to smudge, set prayer ‘intentions’ for a profound healing workshop/group with grandmothers – White Elk – now *Trinity Vision Seeker* and *Unity Star*

We come to share ancient wisdom and healing with you as we are all one through the Creator…

To honour the spirit of our energy, to share, heal and open our hearts to the profound love of the Creator…through drumming and songs.

We all come back to learn through these earth lessons to be the best we can be…

To bring balance back to all we do with each other in the best possible way

and through the deepest respect…

May you be blessed to be the catalyst for change, success and strength

through all these changing times…with your lineage.

All my Relations,

Rosie White Elk Medicine Woman

Unity Star



October 18 - Dublin talk
October 20th - Oranmore, Galway
October 27th - Hillsborough, Northern Ireland